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Empathizing A good morning the time Now it's 5 21. This is weekend edition from NPR News of Lulu Garcia Navarro. It is flu season, and it wasn't that long ago that public health officials were warning about the danger of a flu epidemic on top of the Corona virus pandemic. But we have been wearing masks and keeping socially distant and a record number of people got a flu shot will turn out to Dr William Schaffner. He's an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University for a flu season. Update. Doctor Schaffner. Thanks for being with us, good to be with you always. I want to begin with a moment from some other reporting I did for this weekend I was at the pediatric intensive care unit. At a local hospital, and Dr Michael Bell of Children's National told me this usually this time of year we have dozens of kids with cold viruses that are sick with us and this year absolutely nobody It's bizarre and the numbers bear that out. Last year, the CDC counted some 405,000 hospitalizations for the flu in the United States so far this season 165. That's not a mistake. Not 1000 Just 165. And that all really be from social distancing. Well, I think social distancing is important, of course, but you're right flu has been essentially non existent. The major issue, of course, is that Children generally are thought of as having the distribution franchise for the influence of virus. They produce much Maura virus, They shed more virus for longer periods of time. And so they spread it amongst themselves. And then they bring it home to Mom and Dad and Susie and Grandpa Tom. Well, Children haven't been getting together. They've been going to school. Virtually they haven't been playing together fascinate. And of all the reasons I think that's the major reason with had such a low flu season. I'm also wondering, though, because people also haven't been in offices. You know where I can attest. I have gotten sick before off course we haven't traveled We adults that is we haven't gone into offices were wearing masks were observing social distancing not going toe large groups, so the transmission among adults also the opportunities for transmission. Have been profoundly reduced, but I don't think that's the major issue because you see Cove it's been transmitted among adults, and so How is it that we haven't had flu and I think the critical issue is the Children. I had heard. Some doctors speculate, and this is really speculation that there might be something with Cove in 19 itself, or the coronavirus that blocks the flu virus from proliferating inside a host. Speculation, but I haven't seen anything scientifically to promote that to support that. I should say so. I think this Shows us that viruses, even respiratory viruses are not the same cove. It can train be transmitted very readily among adults, very contagious. But flu I think really needs Children to spread it around amongst themselves and then seed if you will, the adults in their home and their neighbors. I imagine there's a lot of investigation into this right now. What do you think The big takeaway is, though? For a flu specialist like yourself in order to save lives when the corona virus pandemic is over? Ah, I think the important thing is remember. Fall will be coming this year. Get your flu shot. Because we'll be back amongst ourselves, providing opportunities for that virus to spread, and it also makes people very sick. Sends him to the hospital and kills them. I'm afraid many of us didn't get a boost from encountering the flu virus this year. And so we haven't had a chance to build up our antibodies all the Maurin important to get vaccinated this fall. Dr. William Schaffner is a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University and a very clear explainer of issues to deal with the flu. Thank you very much. My pleasure. Now to the border, where tens of thousands of migrants have spent nearly two years in squalid tent camps and shelters and dangerous northern Mexican cities. A Trump administration rule had kept them in Mexico while they waited out their asylum cases. The Biden administration says it will soon allow them into the United States while their cases are being processed. As and and here's NPR's Carrie Kahn in Tijuana. It's been more than two years since a gang beat up 27 year old Ruth at a selling Munro's husband. She says the family couldn't keep up with the increasing extortion payments on their tiny bakery. Now, Salvador So they fled north. She takes up all the shelters Her family has lived in since yesterday. Emotion behind today's news from radio she's up to seven when her husband, 33,.

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