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On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the Omega particle streaming to the Alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The Anchorman of the federation the doctor of the Lithium. This is Jonathan weekend. Tail Cool Catholic down there and welcome to the Omega Particle. I'm once again your quarantined host Jonathan weakened and we are deep deep deep in the trek bunker on the eastern coast of these United States. And I'm very excited today to finally start our board series and deep dive into star. Trek's I would argue the best villain all star Trek indefinitely the most Time devoted villain and all star Trek. Hold onto your hats. It's going to be very indepth Probably going to take two to three episodes to cover all of the board INS and outs now. If you've watched he and g you've seen all of the TNG movies than this first episodes. Devlin could probably going to be a rehash for you. You know a lot of this and he may pick up some cool little facts along the way and I definitely learned a lot while researching this villain but if you've never ever watch T. and G. religiously or if you've never seen the movies then this will all be new to you and I know a lot of my Friends and family listen and they're not really track people so this will be new for you guys and just welcome along. It's it's pretty crazy. These PSYCHEDELIC cyborgs. That we call the Borg and Before you get into it has to do a quick shout to the Hemdale Group. Which is our local chapter of starfleet. Which is the largest fan base? They've been so warm and welcoming to me especially during this cove in nineteen time and They've been great. They've sent me a bumper sticker and they Definitely shout out emails social media to listen to a Mega Particle so I definitely appreciative of that and came away to hang out with them in the future but with no further ado. Let's go into the big star. Chac the bork up. Space MESSAGE TO APPLE HASSLE. Engaged before we really get into the meat of this episode. I want to cover just kind of where we're going with the board Today's episode will mainly be kind of a back story of the Borg. How producers and the writers developed this villain why they chose us villain and then going into specifics about who the board are how they operate. How are they commanded and more specific and then next couple of episodes we will be doing? The history of the board and the boar- go from around earliest recording his fourteen eighties. Fourteen eighty four to all the way up to the twentieth century. So we'll be covering that and then also throughout that history time line will be dealing with how each captain dealt with the board. Now they all deal with the board differently. You can say we'll maybe. It was just picard. But no archer dealt with Cisco dealt with them of course mcardle with them Jane Way of so you can really see the differences. In how the captain's approach the board and which ones were successful most which ones were just terrible. So we'll We'll go into that in future episodes but today is mainly diving into who they are how they operate and how they were created. And we're going to cover some creation stories of the Borg and that is one of the most hotly contested and debated subjects in all of the Borg Lore. But before we get into that we're going to get into some back story about the board with T. and G. coming out in the late eighties early nineties. The writers and producers were searching for this new villain and to be the main villain of the TNG series now originally. And if you've seen all teenager you know this it was the Farang and I frankly were portrayed as these kind of greedy and conniving and scheming enemies and they were the original the original ones the original villains for the whole series however it was kind of failed because they were more comical. The main motive was free market and capitalistic ideals. And so that really didn't land is a serious villain because each the franking. Aren't this formidable opponent. Now you may be asking. Why not the Klingons or why not the Romulus and the Klingons of course because of Kima records and launching into piece of those accords as in Star Trek six now with the Treaty of Algorithm? The ROMULUS actually became friendly. And that's the treaty that established a neutral zone now. The the Romulus are kind of the low key Cold War villain of TNG and there's never any direct huge war but they always have the little skirmishes in the neutral zone. The writers and producers were searching for another Dylan and they found them in the board sense. The Frankie kind of fell away and it wasn't a Serious Villain I mean the frame. You don't even get really dive deep and developed until nine when you have cork and Rahm in ego into Franken. The producers writers were definitely more subtle and introducing the board and one of the ways they did. This was in a definitely season to their few episodes one was called Q. Who and the neutral zone and the neutral zone was the episode where The Romney Lynn Empire in the federation were having colonies destroyed them both sides and they couldn't figure out who is destroying because wipe these colonies were just completely wiped out so they couldn't figure out who is destroying these colonies why and it led into this like big ordeal and it was kind of the standoff. Q. Q. Introduces the Enterprise to the Board BY PUSHING THEM OUT. I think until like way past the Delta quadrant and seventy thousand light years away or something like that and so That's how we're initially introduced to the Borg but it's always over so far away. We're not gonNA have to worry about them now. We do have to worry about them. So now that we know why the producers came up with them and how they were sadly introduced. We're going into who the board are and exactly why they are the way they are and this is gets very again if you are a big. Tng Fan you've probably heard this but if you're wanting to get into picard this is a great recap for you from the top. The board are a cybernetic brace. They are of course both mechanical and biological they have both parts. They're stronger than the average human. And come with this. Adaptive Shielding It'll stop phaser fire and you have to have this modulating algorithm in the phaser so that they continually adapt to the shielding and we see that all of the board interactions between Mike and no one. I contact see that done really well. And then also t and g not your average and meeting point you you have to really think outsmart them usually have ocular implants and we definitely see that with Picard. But most famously with seven of nine into me. I've always thought they were kind of arrogant. They really don't pay attention to species there. Fear to them. They really don't care now. This is shown with the KS on now. Have you haven't watched voyager before the KS on our this kind of patriarchal almost wanna say backwater kind of species. Where they're kind of annoying in there. They do more harm to themselves than good. The board actually. Janeway says that they didn't even consider the case on because they were just on fear so to me heir of arrogance about them that we're GONNA bother you in most famously if you on the Board Cube and you don't pose a threat they don't even care that you're there they just simply walk past you. Which always thought was wild. Each board has something called a node which controls all of the other implants in the specific Borg drone. Again as we've seen with seven of nine if that quarter goal node goes bad or is damage. You have to replace it. If you don't replace it that drone will die. They also have like this creepy pasty white skin and almost looks like they're completely been living in a basement for thirty years and haven't seen so and we'll get into that because that's more of a nar probes issue and again like I said we're deep diving. Were going into the meat of the board. Gets YOU FLOAT? He's on where in the D. Ben now so we know that they're cyborgs now. And there's this biological and mechanical race however they have something super unique and all star Trek. His they have a hive. Mind a quote unquote collective. Now this group think pretty much is basically just each joan connected to thousands and hundreds of thousands of other drones so they have this group mindset again and they have this sub space network that connects all of them and it allows constant supervision in constant guidance so the board make decisions as one. Everything happens as one but you lose your individuality in that. And then as the main argument against the board is a whole is that you lose your identity. You lose yourself use everything that makes you a person and you handed all over to the collective so that makes them so dangerous and so fearful is that not only. Are you going to be alive? But you'll be kind of in the Zombie like nature so one of the other aspects of makes them so formidable his it they have this damage regeneration ability there in the space battle and they need to make a repair. The instantly can make decisions instantly can make recommendations insulin carry out actions unlike a starship where you have multiple people and you have to kind of coordinate between that and communicate between that so your opponent now is completely seamless. They can immediately make decisions merely respond. And there's no no hesitation in the forms of war that is a terrifying opponent to go up against so when you engage them in battle that famous line in. We'll play that right here. We'll play that clip here. We go aboard. Ships will add to biological optical distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to serve us. Insistence few Tom. So that's the famous line. We are the board and they always address themselves in the we and with those collective pronouns. Voyager is a great case. Study in great way to learn about the book I would say more than TNG and the tingey movies simply because the board are essential. You see the Board Queen Multiple Times throughout that series you learn so much about them with Nanno probes and how they travel and how they've kind of grown from species that were referenced to as almost they beginning like humans so I if you haven't watched voyager I definitely would recommend it because there's a lot more flexibility with the with the BORG AS OPPOSED TO MT AND G Board. So one of the big things that we learn about the board because they have something called. Nanno probes which are microscopic robotic devices and they are mainly used in assimilation. Now.

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