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If we're not thoughtful about this, which is why I'm trusting, people do the right thing, okay handshakes and touching your face and washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces. To quickly Josh shaking hands. We'll give you ten times more bacteria and viruses than just bump. Okay insult, this. Don't be insulted if someone says I. Let's not shake hands by. There being smart, they're helping you. I mean my goodness. I would just not ahead. Frankly, what's the put touching people? At this point? It just spreads the infection to people who are most at risk again. If you're a young healthy person who cares, but if you pick it up and you have a very mild case, you realize you have it and you go see that beloved grandma, and then you get for the virus the horrible thing to do. With my beloved grandmother, I tongue kiss her. I love you grandma. Grandma Tonkin is there s medicine for this either right that you don't take virus? There's no medications for it or we don't have vaccine. We won't Lipkin set for at least a year year and a half and I talked to the NIH CDC. We. We just have to be honest about what we can do what we can't do. Will catch up as long as people take care of themselves, and they help the in the in the intervening period, and some of the things you mentioned like the you know the the hand washing. They seem so simple, but they're so profoundly powerful. You can have the chance of getting the virus by doing that. 'cause he touch her fingers to our base thousands of times in our people listening right now, driving or not touching their face. They've already touched their faces. We started is. That's a hard thing to remember to do to stop touching your face. Yeah, it's very second nature to a lot of people. What do you feel about travel? So. If you're young and healthy, I would travel. I sent my daughter on a flight to the west coast for something. She's doing but anyway. I love her. You know what honestly Elvis can you get? This is what I told. Her is honey I. Don't you ever making decisions out of fear? Make decisions because you think it's the right thing. Traffic is a healthy twenty five year old on a plane is fearful, and if you're based decision, whereas if you're sixty six, and you have diabetes and high blood pressure. That's a different problem now you have a risk factor for having a bad complication. I would not travel if I were you Ryan. What about pets? I looked at this carefully there. We I have not seen data on a pet, really getting quota virus and transmitting it. There's some cases where pets lick the floor where there was coronavirus, and they find small amounts of it in their tongue, but I would not hurt pets, not do anything negative about pets. Theoretically they could get the virus, but we have zero reported cases that I'm aware of what about you froggy? What's your question? That was going to tell Dr is I talked to somebody yesterday, and they said that they. Were GonNA start washing their. Start. They said we'll I shower every night. That's when I wash my hands. I'm like you should be washing your hands on a regular regular basis, and making sure it's not just a two second wash. Twenty seconds have released like you said, scrubbing your fingertips and making sure. You gotTa Wash your hands, but ever you're in a crowded area and now. That yelling yelling behind me is the today. Show saying you're going live, GEICO. Elvis durant. We Love You I. Know Even though I'm first priority I know that. I'm going to share with NBC. I love you Dr Oz. Thank and I'm GonNa continue with your your list. It's online. It's all good, thank you. We'll talk to you later. Okay I love you. God bless you all right. Here's the thing. If you follow me at Elvis Duran on instagram you'll see the Dr Oz. CRONOS survive corona, virus, survival, protocol, and It's all pretty simple, real quick and we'll move on. Get sleep exercise. Take care of yourself. Improve your air quality. Viruses dislike humid air. So if you ever humidifier great meditate, relax find times for yourself. If you find yourself, stress it out. You're going up against yourself. You are your own worst enemy. Hygiene handshakes are canceled. Do not shake anyone's hand. Eliminate face touching. It's really fun. Tell everyone about that press conference. You showed me a second brody. WHO's in charge of health for California and she's going on and on about not touching your face, the people behind her now like touching your face because they can't help themselves. And at the end she tries to grab a piece of paper and she licks her fingers. Triple your hand washing time. Wash wash also disinfect surfaces when you have a chance to clean the surfaces where you are putting your hands like we're I'm seeing right now. The same place where a straight nate had sex. On household supplies twenty paper soap detergent. Make sure you have plenty food. Get beans and Rice for man I'm ready I'm stocked up. Your medications are their prescription. Medications are filled. Each your fruits and vegetables. Take your vitamin D three. Make sure you have your flu shot because people are confusing their Flus, the viruses. And that's it if you're sick. Take some zinc. Make sure you're eating your drinking, your vitamin C., and all that stuff. You know what I'm thinking. All simple stuff right? There might be a lot of cases out there that we just have never known about because you think it's the flu, and you think it's something else, and you just don't get tested for it, and you just don't know what it is, and it happened to have been corona virus. We'll see that's the thing in. This is the kind of odd. Well, anyway. I'm not going to make the comparison just because you.

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