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Dave buildings in the traffic center in Maryland eastbound into the weekend on the Eastern Shore Route 50. They bridge bound traffic still slow from Ritchie Highway across Broadneck rain holding off at the bridge and still safe enough for two way traffic with three lanes open. Toward the Chesapeake but slow again on Kent Island because Adcox Creek there's a crash blocking the right lane about 1/2 mile before Cox Neck Road getting part of the left toward the narrows on 50 eastbound on the Beltway through Green Belt Land. Um, there is some slow traffic, but whatever was holding up traffic near or just north of the VW Parkway should be out of the way on the parkway North bound past 1 97 both lanes open past the remains of a crash. Off on the wayside on 95 between the two beltways. No incidents on the inner loop of the Beltway in Montgomery County, still slow east of old Georgetown Road past Connecticut Avenue. No issues blocking in weight and Veer's Mill Road remains closed. Eastbound between Gold Toe Avenue and University Boulevard. Fire Department response. Westbound traffic does get by leaving waiting toward Connecticut Avenue. Veer's mill westbound. It's open. 2 70 north and south bound traffic without incident between Rockwell and Frederick. Farther north, you go the heavier it will get in Virginia on 66. Westbound congestion from the Beltway toward the three lanes Stretch Nutley Street, 1 23 eastbound police activity before 29 spout run Parkway's exit He's found on 66 getting by in one right lane, Leesburg bypassed westbound. Route seven is slow past the Western end the bypass in West Market Street caller found disabled truck blocking the right lane westbound on Route seven point of rocks. 15 is still slow North bound, but it's open the crash should by now be clear. Friday. Traffic is heavy south bound across the aqua Kwan and slow on 95 farther south, through Stafford County, North bound slowdowns and stretches through Prince William County and outside the Prince William forced in Quantico. An emergency work zone closing Joplin Road, Virginia, 6 19 at the South Fork, Quantico Creek. The bridge was damaged during yesterday's flash flooding. Ledo Pizza Carry outs open fast, Easy and fresh. The Ledo pizza families were ready to take your water. Ledo Pizza Square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners. Dave Tilden w T o P. Traffic, All right, we get To storm team for Samara Theodore as we had our Friday night. What we're going to see is the chance for an isolated shower to you. But range answers start to wane a bit. Temperatures falling to around 70 degrees tonight tomorrow for your Saturday, starting off with a lot of clouds and then rain chances increasing through the day. By Saturday night, we could be looking at down boards and flooding. Is going to be another potential Saturday night into Sunday highs on Saturday around 80 degrees Sunday. Upper seventies too near 80 with rain showers, especially during the first half of the day, maybe a little bit of dry time before more rain Sunday night. I'm starting for meteorologists. Samara Theodore, 83 in Leesburg, 75 in Annapolis. Now in 75 here in Washington, brought to you by new look home design right now save.

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