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I'm a huge screen roof van swell so when you think about figuring out what to automate whether it's green robe whether it's hubs spot how do you figure out the right cadence. How you staying in front of your customers in an appropriate way that keeps them interested an impulse without being overwhelming. I do a couple of things one is. I monitor all my competitors. I look at their frequency. I've also been doing this for quite some time. It's not my first rodeo. So i think if it's a brand new user for piteously they'll get an email every day for the first couple of days to make sure they're getting the core value prop which is snap photos tack votto sherpa claverie photos and then it goes off to every couple of days then. It goes to a monthly newsletter. That'll be refined as time goes on to have more data around it. But i'd be looking for okay. Well thirty decide like a thirty. Percent unsubscribe rate. Maybe i'm sending that too soon or maybe it's not the right piece or something so it's never completely set and done it's always going to be ongoing refinement so i think it depends on where the are in the funnel are the mto are the sql. Are they awale that one lead like change your life change your business or is it. A co worker of many small prospects act together combined could make an impact on the company. You know you said something that is interesting to me. A lot of this is built on intuition. And when you've done marketing automation for awhile. You generally feel what you should automating. And the question is while all right if i have to do this and i have never done marketing automation before. Where do i start in the interest. You just start and then you test and you integrate and you learn one of the things that i've done is stop and think about what emails you're writing the most frequently you start by doing something that scale and you manually manage the inbox and when it becomes overwhelming and you're constantly sending the same response to the same type of people will now you have a template and you could start automating that process. That's one of the things that we've done here is you know will send out some cold emails. We'll get responses and my replies to those responses ended up being very formulaic. so what did i do. I built three templates for the three replies. I had and then. I can hand that off to either a marketing automation tool or a contractor or freelancer to start managing the inbox. And taking that. Work off my plate when you're thinking about marketing automation knowing that you're working at an early stage be to be company. How much are you actually using automation tools to automatically reply and have you ever used freelancers to start taking the work off your plate. I have one automatic reply. But i don't have the amount of volume to have like multiple automatic class so i'm the co founder. Ceo cmo cro and marketing coordinator and content creator. Were all that. You're just the marketer. I'm just the guy. Now which is awesome. And i'm lobby every second of it. But as time goes on and we scaled raise more money in and really start to grow the business. Yeah you want to automate as much as possible. Automations set you free but it does help to have humanize on there if you could do integrate some type of lead scoring. That's really helpful. Really really really helpful but right now there's one automation for replies. And then i i see everything myself so i do have some canned emails. I think one of the big things that people need to understand is like nobody wants to read a novel. Don't write an email. That's like three pages long. Pb sort sweetened sustained people either reading that email hopefully not whether at a red light but they might be reading at the coffee shop or waiting to pick up their kids or in between meetings or somewhere else so just be shorts to sing and direct long emails typically. Do not serve you well. Because they're not going to read it and just focus on evaluate what it needs to the reader. You know answer the questions that are being asked to you. First and foremost you don't have to get all of the information to the customer in one response leave them with the ability to ask follow up questions and respond appropriately at the end of the day when you're thinking about marketing automation often. You're not automating every single step of the process. What you're doing is setting up ways where you can quickly easily automate your responses. And that's a great way to start managing the incoming demand that you're driving with all of your outbound marketing. So that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with lee mills co founder and ceo of. Pixel if you'd like to get in touch with league and find a link to his linked in profile on our show notes you can contact him on. Twitter handle is lee mills l. e. m. i. l. l. s. where you could visit his company's website which is not a i p i x. l. y. Dot ai a special thanks to hub spot for sponsoring this. Podcast don't forget that the inbound twenty twenty one conferences coming on october twelfth through the fourteenth. So if you want inspiration. If you'd to grow your network or learn from global leaders and business and media like oprah winfrey spike lee and you know me head over to inbound dot com that's n. b. o. u. n. d. dot com. Check out their lineup or register for free inbound dot com and also a special thanks to linked in marketing solutions for sponsoring this podcast. It's time for you to do business. Where business gets done and you can get one hundred dollars of advertising credits towards your first linked in campaign. there's some terms and conditions apply. But you can get one hundred bucks off if you're launching that first campaign by going to lincoln dot com slash martic again. That's lincoln dot com slash marshek. Just one more lincoln. Our show notes. I'd like to tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you're listening to this. Podcast is headed. Amar tech pod dot com where we have summaries of oliver episodes and contact information for our guests. You'd also subscribe to our once a week newsletter and you can even send us your topic suggestions or your marketing questions which will answer live on our show. Of course you can always reach out on. 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