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MIR, how exciting and yes, while the podcast this week as ever I joined by two colleagues of such lethal cunning, you've already heard them just. Running roughshod over the form of established years ago. I geek Queen, you know her from things like banging on about supernatural and buying about Hamilton, hey, Helen, look at this. What. You're having. Hamilton, look at my Hillen look at them. Wearing Hamilton sucks. Hamstring strain. Good. Can I share some really important personal news. It's actually bigger than that. Chris is a lot bigger than that getting divorced so much bigger. I went to the Mamiya to premiere this this Monday and walked past me. Wow. I mean, she was as far from me as you are non Chris, which is for those of you listening at home. Three to four feet. Yes. When I showed you my my socks there, that in theory was controversial. It was It was a a little little too too close. close. I was. I was primary, I didn't share it was going to be that an honest. If I could tell about Tiene how would you would find? I would find a way. Honestly, it was. It was hilarious. We walked the first we saw were Tom Hanks Rita Wilson, Sharon and classic question, and I, I'm gonna introducing the second person. We'll get them to James. The second Bill differ him. You got to build up. You got me straining my. Physical exertions. I've suffered a workplace injury. Thanks to you. I'm a first data. Also what you afterwards. Sounds like a collection of brick tumbling first ater I'm doing a marathon tomorrow. Why was why was Tom Hanks there. Dot makes sense. And Cher was there because she was in the film we're gonna get to that. She is. She's in the film eventually. Okay. With the all all the big names brought home? Yes, yes. All of them. They first fourth, fourth, the Brown home, this Gars guardian Streep. Palooza was she's police. It was all over the place. Man was an blue dress match. The blue carpet was very blue language and lily. James is going to be addressed Bransky. Yes, she was fantastic. Somebody explained to her what that she has big energy. Real. Online, you can hear it. The push of a button, Christine brand ski had not heard of big, dick energy had not heard of it, and she, she pretty much guessed what it was so understood it in a week because I was off for a week or so. I missed an episode. I didn't listen back to, why would I do? We discuss big dick energy. I don't believe on the podcast is it has it had his moment in the sun, it's it's meement if you will. I'm not gonna discuss because it just depresses me. Anyway, anyway, that's you done Helen, you're you're, you're in the corner. That's you in the corner. Let's see in the spotlight and is now time for a big Bill for the other colleague aletha coming who's in the podcast this week and. James and James dyers here, which is also nice, I guess thanks. You're right. Yeah. What would it be? What have you been up to. It's hard to say. The first ater. Kill the guy with the tried my three house. Yeah, it's it's true. What have I been doing? I finally fucking finished, oh language Timothy, Luke Casey's into now, once I'd like to get an end of an episode of the podcast without having to take the little explicit books you'd miss it. If you didn't have to do. Yes, I finished Casey's into. I didn't much mama makes up. Never seen the first one because Abbott. Fault sound like on a call. With that, you'd lose plot by. Join a complicated story mid-flow. This is long form storytelling affiliated to start at the beginning. So I gave that amiss did however see hotel Altemus this week which we will talk about it. We will in the reviews section of the show. Yes. Again. Over the last six years, the show. We do have a question, should we make that announced we were talking about before beforehand we should probably do that. The announcement. This is the last episode of the podcast. I sit the podcast. Okay. Okay. Oh, that's my hamstring pop back into place..

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