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Oh it was like it's like science fiction meets old west it's stupid okay so you re on that one no yet don't worry that you'll turn off and five last one mark ruffalo kieran nightly begin again have you guys seen that movie it's a musical i put this on here just in case you had seen it this movie is fantastic so good and you wouldn't think it would be right here's the here's the gist of the movie mark ruffalo is a record executive who has become a drunk yup so every night he still going to bars still trying to find music acts here nightly is is a singer dating adam levine right in this yeah yeah she i won't wreck the movie for you but basically he discovers her in a bar they're both down on their luck and they make an album in which she sings in new york where they're basically just out in about in new york city they don't have a recording roofs of building belco sat there on a roof they'll go set up their equipment at a subway station they'll go set up their equipment on a boat the music is great yep rufa lows great cure nightly he's good adam levine as kind of a a jerky boyfriend now is actually completely presentable it's fantastic moves james corden the late night talk show hosts plays her best friend and he's good in it there's a pit part for ceelo it is if you haven't seen that movie to watch watch that movie all right there you have it fast track let me see here okay let's do this i've got over unders for some major league baseball teams this year.

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