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Dawn loan on the apple store for getting it on Google play the new chick fillet one app. How 'bout Lomax, you know? He was almost a shocker eight points, seven rebounds. He's got five assists. No turnovers. Two steals. He's been terrific. Relegate? Here's some odd. James Jones weaving his way stops at the free throw line. Pops won't go rebound. Parks ahead. The Thornton across the timeline left side Tigers can build on a fourteen point lead here with six fourteen in the game. Here the ball, the Lomax left side love double. They're going to give it to Jones right back to Harris Harris left dark to antwon Jones. Backing in on his man gets by him hangs in the air. That's it up and and what a play by Antoine. Jones statements, not a very good to February gave the baseline and all over shouting sixteen seventy four fifty eight eight Jones working in the front court on Harris slides it way out on the right wing Stevens up top mcduffie wide open three on the way, rattles home. He's got four threes in the game. He's got twelve this happened seventeen in the game. Seventy four sixty one is keeping them in seventy four sixty. It's only two. That's. Come the Tigers into the front court taken their time and Jones has it right time. I looks over at penny. He's directing he wants max to go low and parks to pick which he does Jones has a top of the key stops left. Double takes along to running. No, rebound parks knocked away and taken by mcduffie. Good play that time by Marcus mcduffie. They're senior veteran gives attains Jones glides by everybody in the pain. Stolen away by Lomax. That's his third steel in the game Lomax quickly up ahead right corner to Harris. Fumbled the ball away saves it to Lomax while max has it back to Harris.

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