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Mike, mike. Let's go to Navajos. Nate nate. How are you this morning? Very cold and sleep-deprived what kind of really cold out there. What was it? Twenty degrees. Twenty two here in Brigham. Yeah. I went to peach city the other day Nate. I heard. Yeah. I enjoyed that experience quite a bit. I hadn't been there in years. Did. So three words Nate. Johnny Walker blue. Well, you bring me some. Nate asked expensive the Johnny wash the blooming expensive. It is I've seen it for like two hundred and fifty dollars per city. You do you ever come to Salt Lake? I do on occasion. Would you like to join us at a brunch on Sunday? I took the day off and it planned on going. So I stayed up all night. A new it'd be easier to stay up all night then wake up to try to win. These tickets you stayed up all night just to win these tickets did. Wow. Nate we have to reward you for that. I think so hang on the line. You know, there's no real celebrities going to be there. Right. It's just us. No. Mr. Christmas will be. All right. We'll see you hang on hang on. We'll see you on Sunday here. Hang on. All right. Let's go to Ian. Hello, Ian, or good morning alerts and lady, how are you all this morning? We're fine bit cold. But Ian, you have three words to reassure Gina that cynthia's not gonna take her job. Yes. I do experience is everything. Yeah. Response few. Thank you. Ryan in the chat rooms has Ian is to Chipper. Okay. Don't trust people that Chipper. And my three words, I don't know. I didn't listen to yesterday shells. So I didn't miss. Steph says three words she is a legacy. Thank you. Steph. Welcome back, g balls from Amy. Thanks, amy. I am. I am. I'm glad I liked Cynthia. And being my same age. It was funny hearing my generation on the show with the old people were the old people. I'd like to know I think I think she means you and me shop Dylan. Cynthia's ten years younger than you. Eleven years younger than you your old people. Compared to Cynthia. More than four words. Gina also doesn't like to hear Bill eating did Cynthia take you to task. No, no, no. This is this person. Let's see ten to tree guy checking in that wasn't Gina. No. Seems a little oblivious. That's more. I'm forgetful. Well, I understand today's a lot better than it was yesterday. One. Now, we are going to talk with our friend Brian from snowbird because that little Cottonwood canyon is still closed with people stock. We'll get more details on that accident just occurred. I fifteen between thirty third south and forty fifth south. That's coming in via text at three three nine eight six. Things are a little icy particularly on the Carey's nodding. He must have had a little issue coming in this morning. Overpasses on ramps off ramps that kind of thing, they're they're a little tricky. So even though you're not it's not snowing this morning, you're gonna. And there and there are patches of ice. So. Be cautious. Something text it to us three three nine eight six. Let's see we do have big news coming up after these to the Oscars for you as well. The nominations are in. I think we won't do them in the news. But we'll we'll go over them all at seven o'clock. All right. Let's see new dwell. Oh,.

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