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He came on TV on TV. I think it was in the afternoon talking film breakdown about why the Niners Mr. He most so much on offense, and it's that he Has speed and we already sought this year, right? He broke Brita speed record from didn't breed around like 22 miles an hour last year that I've been most one that's insane. That's too fast for a school zone that you can't run in that that's if there's kids crossing the street. You're gonna hurt somebody that's so messy. That's in standard. So so it's so funny. That is, Oh, are what was cool about that is Dante Whitner is talking about that's what the Niners Mrs. They have the This run scheme. It's opening up homes for guys, and that's why I like out of the passing game Jet. McKinnon was so big the first couple weeks and he had a couple of big holes, but he does not have the speed. The burst forces the speed that forces the linebackers in the DVDs to make a decision on committing to stopping the run, because if they guess wrong or the commit late, then there goes where he most of and that's where the Niners are missing. I think to your point that they could benefit. I'm talking about the Dolphins in using that type of speed from that Brita make these Young guys make make friend Warren commit early. We're talking from a fantasy standpoint here, of course, because, like I don't want to see the Niners lose. But if I start Matt Brita, I'm looking for a couple. You know, I'm going to need a few. This is due. This is the This is the inner struggle. You go through as a fantasy order right? When? Not like, We can't have a nine or lost this week? No, no. And I mean, you gotta You gotta get out of this game with a W. Right. And last week I pick Ryan picks. Ryan Fitzpatrick is my quarterback, Teo, you know, highlight 25 49 315 yards but two picks and no touchdowns. Maybe that's another kind of game. The Fitzpatrick gives you where he has a ton of attempts, but no touchdowns And maybe Brita Vultures. The touchdowns Now this is what happened. It kicked five field goals last week. So there's a thing you start to think about the Dolphin's offense it again. There's not a lot of weapons here and honors defense has been the Niners defense. Kids, like all things considered there, not scoring touchdowns or anything. I know that, but they'll turn the ball over. They'll get you a couple of sets. When they did last week was the on ly they did outside of the I mean, they get a pick six Do the Eagles often McMullen's, but Outside of that the defense held them to under 200 yards passing by Carson Alliance under 100 yards rushing by the Eagles offense, and they only held them to 18 points outside. I mean, they gave up 25 because of the pick six. But the Niners defense has been pretty good. So I'm not looking for a ton from any Miami dolphin this week. My point is, I think that they need to get creative with their offense. I think they're gonna mix in, Matt, breathe a little bit more kiss. We even saw them the Dolphins last week around a couple of plays. Ah, Apple Wildcats with Akeem Grant is that thing? Has them things wide receiver anyway. They've They've been getting more creative, and I think that they're going to have to do that because they're they're one of three now and they've been in ball games or just don't score. Well, it's also it's another desperate team coming into Levi's right. The Eagles were desperate and they played desperate. And that defence sucks in the defense. I mean, of course, it's one unit. It's one team. But if you can't blame the defense for that loss last week against the Eagles and right exactly and on the the old line, man, the old line is another concern. So I was going to say on the flip side for the Niners running game. It was weird because Jeff Wilson just kind of disappeared last week. What gives? What use? I could have used three points. Losing Kruger Wilson, you know, I mean, I do. Yeah. You start a guy, you know, I mean, he gets to the end zone A couple of times you're looking to himto Don't know. Carry the ball three times. That's all I'm looking for tonight. Can I get three points out of Jeff Wilson? That's all I need. You know, you know what I would say. I would say that I think this because I don't think most it's going to play this week. I just think they want one more week to get him. I know he's practicing. I'm not confident on him Plan again. We're recording this on Thursday, so we'll see what happens the rest of the week. But If Moster does not play, I think that we will see a resurgence of Jeff Wilson. Cody, I think, yeah. E. I just think MacKinnon. He's given McKinnon a fair share of chances, and McKinnon hasn't been bad. He just hasn't been great. And like you said before, he doesn't have that speed that makes the linebackers commit to the run. So I think we'll see more wasn't more. Wilson seems more agile then McKinnon. Your team to the finish line. Is this podcast F s out of Dublin? Creative. Tony Ryan, I think I think you're right about Wilson. And that they I think it benefits the Niners tohave him involved? Yes, more. I just don't think he I think he did. That's the ball a couple of times last week..

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