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Another morning drive without the viaduct is in the books, so far it's going by the book. Komo's Ryan Harris is at the stay DOT's traffic management center in shoreline with why the next two days. Well, they could be a bit more challenging we saw twenty to thirty minute additions to the usual drive times from the south heading into Seattle starting earlier than normal like. Monday and drives from the north starting later. No more than ten minutes longer than usual that overturned dirt truck on northbound I five at Northgate was kind of a test of how things might go. When something blocks a major road, even though it was in the opposite direction wash dots leaks events ice says that took a big response to clear out he'd been mind. This was in the northbound direction at Northgate. This didn't happen downtown. We saw that backup though, grow to five miles very quickly. If this had happened in the other direction closer to the morning commute. We'd be talking about a bigger story here. King County metro has been busy with the west Seattle bridge and other pinch point. And as people heed the warning to take transit with a more than two hundred fifty percent increase in water taxi passenger numbers, but promised that there's still plenty of room on the boats from west Seattle metros. Jeff Sweitzer says the twenty buses on standby. Took nearly five dozen trips. Monday, fifty five trips carried approximately fifteen hundred passengers those were on routes that included the line the line one twenty other key. Commuter routes where we're seeing delays are overloads Sweitzer says they also took nineteen standby trips the morning of day two and saw delays of between ten and thirty minutes washed out Dave sour says they're ahead on some pieces of the construction to connect highway ninety nine to the tunnel and on time with others, but don't plan on driving the tunnel early. We can build all that embankment. We can build all those walls and all that. But at the end of the day, we pour a roadway on top of that. And then that has to cure, and then it has to be striped. So there's certain things that just takes time. And while we might be a little bit ahead on an individual item or two doesn't necessarily mean that we're projecting to finish the overall piecework early message from all the transportation agencies is please keep doing what you're doing. Because traffic will.

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