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News Radio I'm Brian. Shook a lawyer for Michael Cohen thinks his client's plea deal could spell trouble for President Trump lawyer Lanny Davis said if paying hush money to two women who claimed they had affairs? With Trump was a crime for Michael Cohen then why wouldn't it be. A crime for Donald Trump the president's former personal attorney pled guilty to a number of. Charges today Michael Dolan plead guilty to charges five of those dealt with tax evasion for the years two thousand twelve to two thousand sixteen, in which he, failed to report approximately four point one. Million dollars in recorded. Income outside the courthouse deputy US attorney Robert Cusack called the charges very serious, former Trump campaign manager, Paul, Manafort is guilty of Bank and tax fraud. After four days of deliberation, a jury, in Alexandria Virginia convicted Manafort a five counts of, tax fraud two counts. Of. Bank, fraud And one count of failing. To file a foreign Bank account report a judge declared a mistrial on ten other felony charges in the case Anthony bourdain paid actress Asia. Are Gento sexual assault, accuser. That's according to. Our Gento who released a, statement Tuesday morning admitting that her former and late boyfriend gave actor. Jimmy benefit three hundred thousand dollar settlement Bennet claims Gento sexually assaulted him in Los Angeles hotel room when he was seventeen years old she added that the payment was bored Dein's idea? In hopes that the allegations would go away are gentle went on to. Say she was deeply shocked and heard about the New York Times report that detailed the, allegations and she denies it all Tom Roberts NBC News Radio and legal immigrant is facing a charge of first degree murder in the death, of missing Iowa, college student Molly Tibbets Christian Bahana Rivera. Was arrested yesterday after. Admitting that he stalked hit it's just before her death investigators say Rivera is, a Mexican citizen who, has, been in the country illegally for as many..

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