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Tide rift where there are you know you don't you know it's got to be K. B. or Alvin to induct you there in the national radio hall of fame both good ideas both could handle it especially Alvin who is known for his poise and composure on the big stage I would get I'm again there hi how do I do Hey do but you can give me my own fantasy show man your threat ninety Vance mac threatened by that aren't you you try to keep me down you try to keep me under your thumb you're afraid that if I get my own podcast then soon the roles will be reversed and you'll be the button pusher and all be the host of a good I'm good okay abroad what I'm afraid of if I let you introduce me is that soon I'll be introducing you the hall of fame and you would have to wait nearly as long as me do not senior Matt handle our senior skills especially on the hardwood James in Wichita tweets you should let Adam hock do your introduction he won't be nervous because he won't know who anyone there is the big fish seven three your son Jake shooting dot you into the radio hall of fame that's a good idea J. suffer that J. can handle that when I had my fiftieth birthday party we had a white party and Jenna made the kids get up in front entire party big party really big party a big party the English beat played the party that's how big a party was white party Emmett Janet was crazy about that but she made the kids get to do a speech and Jake nailed his nailed as every came up to me afterwards that's incredible what he did J. could probably help out Logan's gotta go to thing like Logan only has one speech one toast whenever we go to dinner or it's a big family thing general say alright everybody do a toast Logan's Gotti go to his go to his dad thanks for putting a roof over my head and thanks for coming all my games and they for working so hard I love you really touching four summer heard it fifty of time I've heard it I messages go to he always goes right to that thanks for putting a roof over my head thanks for coming all my games and thanks for working so hard for me in the family I love you course let's get on my swing feels good I like my chances thanks for putting a roof over my head thanks for working so hard thanks for coming all my baseball game site also in fields could I love you I love you it ripped got seventy seven yo Rome boomer a science in for the introduction all day that's a big ask all members got a lot going on but I do love boomer boomer boomer is one of the people posted Meyer in our business not even in sports or in football but in broadcasting can't say how much respect and admiration I have for boomer the job he does the show he does the way he goes at it fact that he is a warrior a warrior and how hard he works out see Michael silver tweets wrong you gotta have bill Roman now ski introduce you at the induction ceremony how epic with happy they'll be awesome RK gone well I can tell stories about going into a teammate's room before the Superbowl in kicking all the hookers out of there kicked out the horrors of the horse not even the hookers kicked out the horse Mike in buffalo says get the fake Randy moss caller to speak on your behalf Randy moss very nice to have you on the show what's up alright but I thought their damn you're not just you know I have a great game last night no right they are do our Monday night you knock knock on Monday not a not so you know it's amazing to me that you've never been on the show then all of a sudden I could you said just to say on the side of my mouth it's a great ready boss came on and then Hugh you army how explain something like that I I will you know it's just you know what a way to kind of want sometimes you know you know I just saw those are great guy I mean I woke up this morning and thought you know listen to read your monstro and you know on a large herd of you know one of my own stuff so that are no give a shot I appreciate you too Hey let me check for something real quick what's your middle name well maybe not yeah I got I got two middle names you know kind of kind of forget them sometimes you forgot your middle name when your birthday are you know warm number very good actually of Bilbo come up to go well you get the exact date all over do you have the exact date of our thank right arm hello no longer than one of my you know big so right now I'm not gonna yes me going I was just really had me going I thought wow this is so awesome like I've never had Randy moss on the show we've tried so many times and he just walk come on in the office and out of the blue he calls the call in line what a day yes so maybe the fake Randy moss can introduce me when we return Utah state quarterback Jordan love joins us that's next your small business owner and there's nothing small about what you do you know this this is why dell small business technology advisers gives you trusted advice one on one.

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