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For lows Sunny tomorrow and Freddie hides both days in the mid to upper seventies Saturday Sunny warming up to 86 Sunday Partly cloudy, slight chance of a shower and a high of 80. Walkinshaw 58 58 in Milwaukee at WTMJ Saturday, March 20 years since the 9 11 terror attacks all this week. We're hearing from some of the WTMJ broadcasters will past and present who are on the air that fateful day. In 16 years at WTMJ, I literally said breaking news thousands of times. This was not just a breaking news story, but probably the biggest story we would ever be covered The guys Excuse me a second. Jim. I'm sorry. I got interrupt. Here. We got a big breaking story out of New York started out as a normal Tuesday morning, The late Jim Irwin was on the air with his sports commentary. We got a big story breaking in New York, says 7. 37 has crashed into the world trade. Things quickly escalated from there. There is a gaping hole right now and thick black smoke with flames is pouring out kept my eye on the T V and from my time in New York. Was able to orient listeners on what was happening where, thank goodness we had John Belmont there from New York who knew the groundwork knew what the World Trade Center was knew. The lay of the land north building at the World Trade Center in New York is gone, it has collapsed. This is more horrific than any special effects you've seen in films. And I was concerned. I knew how many thousands of people worked there and could only imagine what the death toll would be. I think what gets lost is the total fear the actual terror that it was, as we did not know what was going to happen next. We got another plane gradually passed. This is from Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh. Large plane crashes in Western Pennsylvania recall John and I talked about how this must be terrorism. We want you to feel insecure in your own home. They want you to working. That is I mean, working something for Me and again just over the years. I think the most satisfying thing has been just how many people trusted the station. I'm proud of the coverage that we did that day and we were on almost every radio in Milwaukee that day. We tried to to provide as much information as we could and try to make it local how it affected us locally here in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, and I think we did a good job of the state capital of Wisconsin State Capitol is actually been shutdown lockdown. When I think John Belmont and John Jagger for sharing their recollections with us that Belmont was incredible the little bit I got two year I was occupied down the hall, but they would dip in and John having that New York perspective that big Apple knowing what the footprint knowledge of of what the World Trade Center is, it was And, uh what? You know that whole neighborhood.

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