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That was a hit to the back of the head so I can you say this about Steve. He did he really get a bad rap. Really did try to get better at refereeing and then got got pulled from roughing. He came back and reinvent himself. Offers a judge because he really wanted to be around the sport. It wasn't a guy that was just doing it for the glory doing it to be on. TV He really wanted he really loved enemy. Really thought there's a position for him so he's like look you guys are GonNa let me Judge uh-huh yes gonNa let me wrap. I'm going to become a judge GONNA learn to be become a judge and do these things and make things work for whatever reason. I'm not really sure was it was was it was it the. UFC and Dana saying want. This guy wasn't he just really sucked. I don't know because I don't work in Nevada as referee judge. So I don't really know Whoa what fights. He was one and what happened to him but then when that when that was over when judging was over I went to a fight Nevada. He's a timekeeper. I'll make Steve humbling thing. It is to come in as one of the wraps that they use every single time they were fighting Nevada to being the guy that you get ostracized out that you get removed and Luger roughing license. That's a come back in and get a judging license to move from that now been kicked out twice with from from the commission in the sport for you to come back to be a timekeeper. Thank you a lower. But it's the third position right. That is super humbling. And he does it with a smile on his face and doesn't care because he's in their steve really cares about anime. He really wants to be in this part of the sport. Do I agree with the decision to stop step down as a as a referee absolutely I do. He was making mistakes. He could've correct them. He could've went and took a course went through Jani or her course and learn how to be better referee did it. It just didn't happen from at that point during that fight right. I don't remember it clearly in my head but I will tell you this it was Maserati. I'm looking okay. So it's intent the back of the head. We're going to watch this for those of you at home I I'm showing up Frank The fight less Nur's it is pretty much winning the fight. And then let's let's Mir roll up on him and get that new bar that's very android there the top now right before this there was a few. I don't want to say light shots. There's nothing like that especially especially from listener kind of like a fifty fifty. I like heads to the back of the head. Like do you think he was under under tremendous pressure of. I don't stop this Fi. Do so so who who hit. Who in the back of Listener Mir in the back of that was while he was hitting him in the the face? And then there's like maybe a couple in the back of the head and then he'd go back to the face and like okay so here becomes the issue so I'm sorry because we did. He stood back up again soon. Back up again underneath them up. And that's what's so. My Assumption is guiding the protocol I'd added like I said I don't know what happened. Don't don't blow me up. Don't yell at me. Don't start calling me names and bullshit. There are trolls out. Every time I start talking about another referee or another fire is lit up by everybody. I'm talking about trolls. Promotions heads. The promotions will call me. You can't say that you can't get lit up. I always the people I percents stuff like. I said we started. So what my sumptious says. Is They went. Why am I gonNA head stopping him to the back of the head? And then he saw a second or third shot by for the warning and went. Okay Stop Time separate back of the head. What's the intent? Is the way you intentionally trying to him. In the back of the head was uh-huh Mir moving his hat so in our pre fight that we talk about we go into the prefight. Here's the rules. Here's what I'm looking for as you referee tonight so I'm looking for one of the things I say days. Look inside. You haven't under Hook on the far side you're inside Mount Your Punch the crap out of them the turns his head and you hit him in the back of the head. I'm going to warn a new for hitting him in the back of the head. But that's a Mulligan that's on him. He caused that to happen. He turned his head. But now you know he's GonNa turn as we throw a punch I know he's in. He's in attorneys turnaround. We throws a punch which now tells me you have to keep illegal if you hit him in the head again. I'M GONNA stop. I'm a call time. I'm a stand up and make you lose the position. which is what happened? And that's how that's how it should go. I've warned you of giving you the soft money back a washes position. Now giving you the finger wag the Mama Finger Wag. Hey why so back of the head you hear US yell at on Okay Okay Stop Time. Let's get up and change his position. The penalty is the separate. You from the position if I think you purposely held us facing position and welcome in the back of the head. I'm taking a point if you being agreed about how you hit this guy in the back of the head. I'm taking two points. You are intended to hit this guy the back of the head and you doing it with severe intentioned and you're being egregious I'm taking two points that's how it has to work that's how it goes Mazza Guide and take appoint them up and said look. This is a position that he was supposed to head. You gotTA stand him up. It doesn't matter so the cool thing is is that you can be under pressure from the promotion. Most people don't know how this works. You can be under pressure from promotion that a particular threat or win. We don't work promotion. We work for the commission. Now it gets convoluted when like in in in whatever they go someplace Brazil. It has a commission right. I'm thinking about my buddy that's A. That's a judge down there Brazil has commissioned. Don't think they don't have a commission. They have a commission the seat goes on and there's no commission in Brazil. They bring Marc Ratner in to help. Set it up. And they and they bring their own inspectors. They bring in their own judges. They know they get lined up with the referees while bother allowing lined up you technically work for the commission that's doesn't exist which is the commission so then technically you work for the UFC but regardless of where you are what you do. You don't really work for the Motion Ocean you work for the commission but the but the promotion pays your fee so they have to give a check to the commission to pay you at the end of the night so you still working for the promotion. It's a really weird kind of situation. In California. The promoter an appeal work for work for the promotion cannot are not supposed to speak to me about something. They don't feel like his right. The elitist factor or the executive officer. If he's if he's present during the event they go talk to him and relayed. Hey you screwed up on this you fix this in California when you walk out of we walk out of the ring or the cage we get out. We walked down the next referee. Coming will let you know. Hey rush into this better villa. AWW and so like when I walk when when when Belcher walks out he merely looks at me. Hey did I do. Okay Yeah great at Matt. I feel like I felt like I was. I was one step behind. I stopped due to his no way Jason Hers who did ask her Mazda as well he is still I try to. I try to ask him. Matt Doughty howdy fight. I was like wow. That's that's another fight. So when he he basically the only way he could have been there faster is if he really went. Are you ready to fight for. Are you ready to fight. Fight that's fights over. That's the only way he could have been there faster. He was in perfect position but he is still eats up today. That Masdar was able to get one extra hidden after you knock him out. That's still eats them up. And that's the reason. Why hers is legit only one of the best referees in the entire world because he has that kind dedication those guys is who are obviously my superiors roughing when they come in and they come out they still look to me as a peer? They'll look to me as an as an underlying. Hey what do you think and we. We talk to each other about what happened. What went on so we know we walk out of that case for the first part of the night that we have to rough that we still have three tonight that we know that we're doing okay? We're on we're on track. You know I've pendants. I've been in events where a reference come in a very high big named high profile referee has come in out of the fight in but like I'm not feeling tonight when you sit down. Can you guys go ahead and cover the rest of my fights and switch in one of the guys that might bell who refs and judges switch him out having come in a rough one. He's gotta stuff. I'll go sit down and judge. I'm not feeling it tonight. I don't WanNa make a mistake. Not WanNa ruin. Somebody's career ruin. Somebody's life a ruin. Somebody's health so let me get out of this and this is what we state of California. I can't speak to every but for every other state I can tell you in California. This is what we do we watch out for each other and we take we screw up. We met hey we screwed up. God forbid any fosters there who's the executive officer for California and you screw up. He's GonNa tell you when you walk out of the cage. He's intelligent motivate. We know that you screwed up and they tell everybody else that we're GONNA be talking about that particular instance in in the post fight Meeting afterwards the fights are over and done. I'm going home getting their drinks. The refs the judges the Tunky inspectors all have to go in the back and have a post fate meeting and talk about what happened. What went on and if you WANNA screw something up you're GonNa get brought brought to task in front of everybody when you screw up so it makes it super easy like Oh this is great? Okay it makes. It makes it super easy. Everybody knows what the mistake is. Everybody understands how you felt about the mistake. Every understands how to fix the mistake and you are now educated needed and what you need to do to fix that mistake. You Lilly ref the next night and have that exact same scenario happened and he will do it better because of the way. Any foster has set up the protocols for this particular piggly thing for in in California which he got he just got recognized as the best commission for boxing remaining in the entire country because of the way he says these things up so we go with a guy like like the he might be pressure from him back. Then we want we want a lizard to win. We don't want to win. It doesn't matter. I don't work for you. You're not my boss US right now. Who is my boss? Delete Inspector and the executive officer of the of the commission now as some commissions some notions whether it be k- to the Cusco brothers others or golden boy or or. UFC or ballatore doesn't matter some promotions. Have that Kinda pull where they can. Kind of control the commission as well even notice a real illegitimate legal commission. They still have that kind of power because they bring us so much money when Dana White Center while ago when she comes in. It's a ten dollar boosts the economy every time they come in for a fight. Don't you want ten million dollars to your economy. Of course you do so you you're going to cater to them. You gotta listen to them but you also have to be able to stand up and be. Hey look rough made a good call that a good thing. This is the the reason why I talk to them. And sometimes the Zeta officers just aren't strong enough to do that. And so they kind of kind of pushed over when something happens by one of the promoters and then the promoters..

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