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Why I Did Hillary Clinton not get in last time she wants she won by three million. I know but it's a bit light by Linkin Park by three million, but still not get elected. But what I'm trying to say was there were certain from what I was gathering is that the Democrats meant to be part of equality and we rest of it and he actually was associated with being very picky, you know being like an elitist group almost which is almost like a republican group. So yes all about applying to that Lori two reasons one her and Obama really didn't help the poor Working Poor or middle-class. They really didn't they're Republican Lite. I mean, I liked Obama but they're not really Democrat left at all. They're Republican. That's why I was shocked at all. The Republicans didn't like Obama. I voted for Bernie. I'm more left. I liked Hillary but she's not my kind of chick. She's too conservative. The reason she wasn't elected in my opinion bottom line. It's misogyny. We are not ready to see a woman be president of the United States when I was talking to men here in the area that I live. I had one guy say to me she's not warm and then he lifted up his arms like towards his breasts like breastfeeding and she's not a warm person. She seems really cold and I I got pissed I said what the fuck is wrong with you. She's not running to be your mother. She's running to be the president of the United States. What are you doing this and he's like, well, she seems like a bitch. I'm like no. No you can stop off for you can tell me you don't like her because of her policies, but the Republican or males even Democratic males say she doesn't seem like a nice person. She's not warm. She's a bitch. She's too long. And then they connected her to her husband's Behavior to to Clinton to Bill Clinton. And then they and then they were mad at her that she stayed with him. She couldn't win this woman. She couldn't win if she went this way or that way but bottom line she won by three million in California I voted for her because she was the more competent smoke. I mean how many more words can I use Trump? I grew up in New York City with Kali Trump is a con man. He's a racist he's poor. He's a poor or rich man who was given money he didn't make that money New Yorkers knew that that's why he didn't win New York. But the rest of the country didn't the rest of the country saw The Apprentice the show me that he wishes. He was that man. He wishes. He's a loser my father and mother used to talk about him in Spanish and talk about what a loser this man was, but they decided the mm. Yep. Can people voted Trump in because they wanted an incompetent buffoon lying conman then putting a competent woman into the White House that's called massage in my eyes that's called sexism. The other aspects of the other side of the coin is we had it in this country wage labor party or Democratic party. Wanted to become further to the left. Even further to the left and burnt when you say left-wing in America. We consider that middle of the road less. Yeah. Yeah, very very different language now exactly. Yeah, when they cite left in Europe, they mean a redistribution of wealth. They don't mean just like making some people be able to have kept in hospitals. They're talking about taxation of wealthy people fifty 60% even ninety percent to help pay for other people that that is not a Bernie Sanders, but it is in this country the labor party drive it and they got beaten out of the street the conservative party won it because people not ready for that revolutionary for like to put it extreme. How much do you think that's a so in America you being a journalist hear me being a writer semantics game. A fucking tremendous role in how you communicate and how you position things politically, etc. Etc. Right so over here, we do stupid shit like Freedom fries and that kind of fucking nonsense because all the right-wingers are too stupid to understand that you're being manipulated, right? The Patriot Act is the least patriot patriotic fucking thing you can do. That's incessantly happening over here and it works because we have Trump owner uneducated white guys and their wives who listen to them is does semantics and playing with words and and positioning things by using certain words when you sell it as a legal as a as a lawmaker to the public. Do you feel that that's happening to the extent that perhaps it happens often. It happened with brexit. Right? Brexit is a perfect example. Yeah. No. No, I think the other side of the coin is is we've got the marketeers various other people and Trump did it successfully with Hillary Clinton lock her up come up with very simple easy slogans that you can say God, you know, which resonate with people and it makes them think, you know, whether it's right or wrong. It's a question that it creates a perception. You know, that's why I say Ami Bose What's an amoeba, but we tell ya if you put a mirror jumps into me, but all the fucking right-wingers would be like I never went to school. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about Thursday. Well,.

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