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All right I'm back and goes downstairs and I was it so all you have to do is still still alive right yeah I had Lou for a no on really was telling me that they used to shoot a lot each of which every scenes alone could you make it easy because he was sold here they were just as they come in a room by a spice it all in but it would be great because people what it I still watch king of queens every night it's on below that it's on everywhere and how cool would it have been the get Doug and Carrie with kids you know show I like to eat I don't remember this it was on for a while drummer yes dear yeah it's similar vehicle played Gilda Radner yeah I lied yes Sir my son named him in Anthony Clark was a Boston comedian I had he played one of the main roles and not sure once again was like it was classic formula couple the friend you know mobile right it had to go yeah but that was that was just like oh that was like a lay up rob is in Flemington New Jersey what up twenty five Rabbo how are you I'm good how are you god Hey rob I know my can only hit you what the seventies the eighties eighty eighty look at this I am Mike eighties right down my alley alright here we go all right let me when I read your love is like a tidal wave spending over my head I'm gonna read it again your love is like a tidal wave spending over my head what that means that bear happened as far as your name or song of your you got the artist right so just saying it I think you'll get it but I have the artist is Pat Benatar our thing and sing sing in the fall.

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