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Jasmine Barnes, Murder, Warren Clarke discussed on Mark Levin



Charges expected to be filed against a second suspect in the murder of seven-year-old. Jasmine Barnes twenty year old Eric blank junior appeared in court today on capital murder. Prosecutors expect to formerly charged Twenty-four-year-old O'Leary Woodruff soon seven year seven-year-old, it's incredibly tragic, and I look forward to going and being able to pursue Justice on her behalf because no seven-year-old deserves this. I'm no family deserves this especially this time of year. A public funeral for jasmine will be held tomorrow morning at the community of faith church. Online Mont drive. The search continues for a seven year old autistic boy who went missing in Texas city Sunday police chief Joe STAN says they're expanding the search into neighborhoods around the to Mariposa apartments on medical center drive. We've had helicopters from the department of public safety that have been searching the area we have canine from the department of corrections. Bloodhounds that have been searching we have had divers in five different pawns, we've had boots on the ground research has been out. We've had neighborhood canvassing family says avion young noses name, but cannot communicate verbally. He was last seen wearing only grain white plaid shorts and black and blue velcro shoes. A former Fort Wayne county substitute teacher has been caught in Syria. Trying to join ISIS thirty four year old Warren Clarke apparently wanted to teach the terrorists out of speak English. Now, he's headed home or he'll face charges of providing material support to the enemy. Jeff Addicott heads the center for terrorism law at St Mary's university material support to a terrorist organization, an ISIS terrorist organization, therefore that statue kicks in. There.

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Jasmine Barnes, Murder, Warren Clarke discussed on Mark Levin

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