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Respond if someone was on me so that's i ran that stretch and when i got past the lenox hotel i think that's where i got out kicked in two thousand eleven that's when i was like okay i think i think i got this in the nice tom grill of the day did like a fist pump and you could start hearing the loud announcing the this desert linden she's going to be your boston champion and i was like okay no one's i got it and that's when i was able to celebrate so it was couple of strides from the line and i was in disbelief i just this this can't be real and it was all this stuff we talked about you know it just seemed like it was not going to be my year that's what makes it so beautiful and poetic that you had sacrificed yourself twice you had thought like this is you know if anything i'm going to help these other women and then for all the switch and making your days to something really amazing so so john josh you you you sort of have this famous embrace with does at the finish beating ryan here's the thing she does go ahead okay so she crosses and then janis there in i mean we're all we're there and everyone's we're friends with everyone in boston we go there every year we not just in the spring we're doing other things we the servers at the hotel no us it's it's like family so everyone to be as they're they're like grabbing my shoulder like i think it's going to happen like don't us we have to be professional but i don't care i i'd love does and roll their everyone's so excited and she crosses line in joni she's wearing the in the hood you know black all going in hugs her and i was i was like waiting and we were waiting but ryan i had been there like this is going to happen and we had been like hugging and doing whatever just waiting for her to come through while we should say is for people that are listening ryan is does is how yes yes yeah so yeah ryan linden great did so we're there joni hogs are and then it was just pure emotion and we just ran out and hugged and if i could go back i would acquiesce and give them like a ten second something at least like so there could be a photo of them anything gordon just i was kind of like stepping out and i was like ryan ryan let's go let's go like this is like this is the time to do it and we just ran out the first thing does that was i can't believe that just happened and with neither can we like it was it was and i think i said you were in this or something and i don't know it was just i was crying like a baby in it was i know the work that it takes i was runner you know that whole thing in these are the things you dream about these are the things that get you out of bed at five am when the alarm goes off and it's dark outside and it's you don't wanna go and do the run before the travel schedule but you go out and you get your twelve miles in and it's this dream of one day it's all going to come together and it's going to be my day it's all of these things that you've seen in your mind's eye again and again and again and again in you want that so bad in i've never i've never been so excited for someone else to do anything my brother sent me a text is like dude that's a happy to your your mind.

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