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I openly Lois Lane pointer finger apart whose face slowly brains of color while Barry white smile gates open as we know Lois is right Kent is Superman but how did Lois find out and can keep Richard Heller who came closer than anyone else in the world revealing Superman's double identity is dead but not all Lois says he knows the secret will Superman's breaks they could really be revealed now don't miss tomorrow's tense up with old when we begin on all the roads were man's exciting adventure short of Jonah and hi am same station or a new one billing story on the shores all remember bar breakfast needs Kelloggs pep well excitement chores Superman is a copyrighted picture appearing in Superman DC comics magazine and is brought to you Monday through Friday at the same time by does this program came from New York from October twenty third nineteen forty seven as was the usual practice back then half of that episode wrapped up a long running storyline all the rest introduce the next so you heard the end of the secret rocket and then Joe Alexander as Lois Lane dropped a bomb shell we'll find out if she can prove Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same by launching the next adventure at the same time and day on your local radio station next week Hey Greg Allen earlier we had Lou as a doctor Kildare my question is about his personal life he was married for six years to one half of the most famous big screen dancing team of all time named Oscar winning actress and then wrap up when radio was right after this.

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