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The. Three thirty three to go. Seventy five sixty four Carolina. Heels opening up the floor garrison Brooks in the middle of it now to the right sideline way out as Cameron Johnson. Johnson drives hard fouls pass left corner. Kenny Williams to senior misses the three rebound foul on Brooks. That's his third, and it's going to be a one at one for Duke on the other side. So it's going to stop the clock and give Duke and opportunity to score with the clock. Stop three eighteen to go still seventy five sixty four and Jack white a very good free. Throw shooter at eighty four percent back best on. We'll be there for the one in one. Good the official number on the drought for Carolina is three minutes and twenty nine seconds with no points. Seventy five sixty five now after the first free throw by white, and he switches and both ES four all this down to a nine point lead for Carolina. Heels run of their offense in the half court. Anyway. Right wing gets a screen from may over to Cameron Johnson point look at three two strong. Carolina continues to struggle Cam Johnson, bobbled it all the cats. He wanted desperately to shoot it. So he did. But. Now foul as Rattus goes in Cam Johnson. Swipe down and hit him across the arm. So once again. Duke will head to the foul line. Vissel be free throws on three straight possessions. Now they've already shot fifteen for the game. Carolina only nine made eleven fifteen and reddish has been really good. He's seven of eight. These will be two shots for reddish. Too strong on the first. Two fifty four to play seventy five sixty six. Carolina has scored in almost four minutes. By fifteen it's down to nine and now down to eight. Boy Carolina needs the bucket. Got a switch. Now white is on Toby white. We'll see what happens if they could get back Jones. Stay up. Mismatch white has it for Carolina ties the bouncing in the paint may has to go get the loose fall. And he turns it over as he tried to pass it across the paint cO another four offense of possession. Carolina on the wrong side of a seven, oh, Ron up eight thirty to go. It is all about momentum and all about third. Faira read it back to barracks back guard at three good. Tar heels lead is just five. Roy Williams gonna take time out again price large because we've seen the past. You you get down in a situation like this. You're just not feeling great about your offense of efficiency. So, you know, at least this way, you're going to be able to come out of the huddle with a call play. Whether you can actually execute it. That's the other question we need to break, ten seconds station identification. Down the lines on the tar heels network now heels play here W.

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