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The basement Doctor. It's 31 in western Gil 31 degrees at your severe weather station News radio 6 10 W TV in the House is preparing to send the articles of impeachment against former President Trump over to the Senate tonight around 7 P.m.. The article accuses him of inciting the violent mob that stormed the U. S Capitol earlier this month. Today. Veteran Ohio Senator Rob Portman has announced he plans to not seek reelection in 2022. He is the top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee. He probably would have been favored to win re election this time around, and in that statement, you hear him talking about the way this the parties have been pushed further and further apart, how it's harder and harder to get stuff done. That's NBC News. Garrett take it the capital. Portman noted that he has been in Congress far longer than he intended and said in his statement He plans to continue working hard right up to the end of his term. President Joe Biden continues to push for an increase in the federal minimum wage. In the U. S Today, President and his team are pushing for the federal minimum wage increase from $7.25 all the way up to at least 15 bucks. An hour note in America should work 40 hours a week. Making below the poverty. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office took a look at this what a $15 minimum wage might mean in the year 2025. They said that wages for 17 million workers who make less than $15 per hour would increase in another 10 million who make more than $15 might actually see their paychecks jump as well. However, it would also lead to a projected 1.3 million job losses and a roughly two thirds chance that could go with high as 3.7 million. That's funk business network, Blake Burman. Meanwhile, the fight against the Corona virus continues in Washington and on the home front. The Ohio Department of Health reports that over 600,000 Ohioans have now received at least one dose of the corona virus vaccine around the state. And as Americans continue to get vaccinated, the push for wearing face masks and practicing physical distancing is staying in place vaccinated already, But the reason that I'm wearing my mask is it still possible that I could be infected, I made not not develop any disease. But I could have virus replicating in the back of my nose and potentially potentially transmit to others. So that's why if you're in a group where there's uneven vaccination, you want to keep those masks on and keep the distance. That's ABC News, Medical contributor and infectious disease expert Dr Todd Elron. One of the nation's top medical expert, says today that the young healthy Americans around the country probably will not be able to get their cove in 19 vaccinations now before the middle or end off this summer. Used radio 6 10 W TV END SPORTS This Buckeye Basketball updated service, The Legacy Retirement Group Mark your calendars. Buckeye fans. Ohio State has a game Wednesday night and put on the schedule just yesterday against Penn State is a makeup game from the postponement. Of the Penn State game about a month ago. He always you women with a big game Tonight they beat Maryland practice day for the Blue Jackets. Columbus State of Jack Ross, Slavic, acquired in the deal with Winnipeg over the weekend, is expected to debut tomorrow night against Florida and the Super Bowl has said Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City and early three point favorite over Tom Brady and Tampa Bay from the central Ohio Honda Dealer Sports desk. Battle KOIN news Radio 16 w T v N Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S Department of Veterans Affairs. Benefits that may be available to veterans via is focused on customer service. Like never before. Shoes via and see why Veterans trust in via reached an all time high.

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