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99 cents each. Pick up today at your local safe way. 7 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Jack and the W T O P Traffic Center. Right in Virginia. Big heads up. If you're moving between Leesburg and luck, it's on 15 the closure in place up near farm Lane that puts it up basically, between mantra. So a road and raspberry drive. Those will be your diversion points north and South found off of 15. There was a serious crash. The investigation is ongoing and could be through the morning rush hour. So plan accordingly. As you're very well aware there are no easy work arounds between Leesburg and luck. It's that air not way out of the way you'll find in Woodbridge. 95. North bound still slow coming up at a Dale City. The crash that was up here. Prince William Parkway had been over on the right shoulder. Still, some flashing lights grabbing some attention. Vienna Electric Avenue is closed It wast own court That's west of gallows Road. This is do unfortunately to a downed tree. Bellway still quiet between Alexandria and McClane. Spotty delays. 66 coming eastbound at Manassas, then again at 1, 23. George Washington Parkway is looking good. Little delay building in Maryland. Now on the Beltway topside Adeline from 95 over toward University Boulevard to seventies, looking good Coming south and out of Frederick toward the lane Divide on to 10 North bound before old Ford north. The earlier crash was in the left lane south on the bottom of Washington Parkway, leaving Greene about inside the Beltway. Toward the good luck right over past. Think our work stone is in place. Hi 70 leaving Newmarket towards Frederick near exit. 59 Going westbound near 1 40 for the crash have been reported along the right side. Flooding conditions. Clothes. Sligo Creek Parkway between Forest Glen Road, Maple Avenue Beach Drive between 4 10 and win Dale Road Beach Drive. Also between Garrett Park Road, Stonybrook Drive and 29 Coolsville Road blocked down near the Northwest Branch. Bridget is closed between Lockwood Drive. And Crest more drive in the District Act. Senate activity had been reported on the Southern Avenue Down your Benning Road. Stay alert for response. Running in the area. The rails on the pen line due to yesterday's storm damage trains for 15 for 10 and for 23 have all been cancelled this morning Van Meter's making homes more versatile so you can live.

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