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Into Lucas Mora. And what's even more amazing as we see in the replay? There's two feet there. Two defenders. They're ready. Andrew nine times out of ten that's blocked that stopped. He doesn't hit particularly. Well, but he hits it right in the corner, pasta, Nana side-netting and histories written. Three to Lucas. Just to Madrid. To the jerk. And make them I ring tone. I think I think the gift we should all share for the coming month is chino on the grass the man of five hundred dollar who Bossuyt just interiors a hit the emotion from him was maybe what was most jarring of the whole scene at the end of the because that's not really who. He is. He's and I won't say that he's he's not stoic. I don't know that that's the right word. But there is this kind of way about him that he's just always kind of measured. Yeah. You know, even when things are choppy there, and you know, he'll say things that maybe you don't always want to hear him say, but his general way about him is is fairly even keeled. He doesn't even get. I mean, it doesn't get as ratty as your Klopp gets on a regular basis. You know, he's I dunno. He's stoic isn't a bad word. I don't know. Why you don't like it? Because he 'cause he's not like a dull. Oh, man. I don't want to give off that know that feeling of them just to see him this outpouring of emotion from him. And you understand why? Because these last few years for Tottenham have been wall, great there's been this kind of tinge of disappointment that has an era of overshadowed a lot of this era, an air of sadness. Yeah. And he jobs on finished. Right. And he's had to kind of live with that the stadium situations. You know, the inactivity in the transfer market. He earlier this year at the center of the Manchester United managerial rumors he's dealt with, you know, decent amount while he's been at this club. And I think this was just kind of even though they haven't won a trophy here. It just felt like this moment was a culmination of like, a validation basically of this entire era for Tottenham under Pocchettino. I think he's he's been fighting within the club in without you know, he's fighting there. Teams on on a daily basis trying to keep Spurs in that Oprah action on while new stadium. Gozo Poile he has no money spent on transfers, and there was a real sense of like the only one the only incoming player to taunt him Hotspur scores. The hattrick in eighteen months. You know, there is a certain there's something there. It's crazy when you think about Lucas Mora scoring this hatrick becomes just the fifth player in Champions League history to register a hat trick in a semi final or final which you like to give shot at the others. Shoop aegis power on gummy Rinaldo in two thousand seventeen for Ramat in the semi's eleven doff sqi when he was Dortmund in the semi finals in two thousand thirteen she's four of each at for bar Munich in two thousand in the semi final. And then Alexandra Del Piero for events in the ninety eight semi final and Lucas Maura. I mean when your name is written up there with Pierrel as pretty special Rinaldo Dossena LP ERO Mora. Now, look he was already kind of etching his name into Tottenham Laura when he scored the goal against Barcelona at the camp now in the final group stage game gets on though. Well, not on maybe not on more like an international basis. But among the Tottenham faithful, I think that was a moment that would never be. He's not a first name on the team. She kinda guy. He's a he may Harry canes..

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