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And welcome into episode one O one of the poke the bay of podcast. I'm your host, Connor Ryan, writing solo this week, our esteemed host Evan Marino ski, good friend is soaking up the sun in Cape Cod this week. He's out and about might still be stuck on traffic. And over at the sagamore bridge, who knows maybe catching some rays, going to Sunday school, getting an ice cream. Who knows what he's doing? But regardless, not on the podcast this week, unfortunately, you just stuck with me. But all of them considered if it's a solo show, it actually works out pretty well because what do you know? There's still not a whole lot of tangible news to talk about with the bruins these days. For as much as it came nearly talked about the fact that Don Sweeney was going to have a contract extension all wrapped up. It's been 5 weeks and we have not had a press release yet. Don't really know what's going on with Don Sweeney. The draft is in about two weeks. I still have no clarity on who's exactly steering the ship. I assume it is dawn Sweeney, but you'd probably like to have it in writing somewhere as to who's actually making these personal decisions. So nothing to report there. Bruins search for their next head coach is still ongoing. They are taking their time in terms of interviewing candidates and trying to determine who's kind of the best fit for this team moving forward, that it's kind of at a crossroads, right? We don't really know who exactly what path they're going to take, whether it's running it back, whether it's rebuilding, retooling, if treasury is going to be back. A whole lot of stuff still up in the air. It feels like there's still one or two dominoes that need to fall for this team before the off season really starts to ramp up. And we haven't really had that yet, right? We don't have any indication quite yet as to whether or not Patrice bergeron is going to come back, which I think is going to set in motion which path the ruins end up taking. And so yeah, no clarity, I don't know, coach. You're starting to see other coaches get plucked up around the league. Obviously, palmar east goes to Florida, which is an interesting situation last week, John totoro goes to Philly, which will be the content will be fantastic for that. That's all I'll say to that. For what he'll do for that team. But for the bruins, yeah, nothing really to report on. In terms of who they're identifying, we heard reports last week that Jay leitch was a favorite David quin was a favorite. We discussed the coin situation a little bit on bruins beat earlier this week and not really buying into it for David quin in terms of how exactly he fits with this team. It's one of those ones where sure you kind of look at his reputation and he's known as a guy that gives younger plays a little bit more of a rope is a little bit more of a positive voice in the room. There's not just say that Bruce Cassidy was doom and gloom, but it was very blunt and candid in terms of what he wants and what he expects out of this team..

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