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To go on the road to broadcast games they will be staying in their home town to broadcast the games leading to a conversation along those lines I always try is the is that in a perfect world this show goes like early more stuff for the day serious stuff in the the further we go the later it gets if if I can pull it off that way this is our eight o'clock our topic it is contingent on you so I I don't know if it's going to work I think it's got a chance and I was thinking about the the draft next week and I was just doing some background on some area players that may or may not get drafted and I started thinking about the talent that's been produced in this area over the years and I said what if what if we did like a greater Cincinnati northern Kentucky all apologies to other parts of the state Indiana and others but for the moment just allow us to to work on greater Cincinnati northern Kentucky what if we put together a high school baseball on a roll and asked you to call specifically about your school and nominate the best baseball player they came out of your school and we would compile that list eight through Z. writing down your school and your cat now I guess we should provide the opportunity for your candidate to be bumped if somebody knows of somebody better air quotes I guess they can call and say I'm I'm gonna bump this player and submit this player but the more I thought about it in the more I ask the the group I put this together for they said look at that list look at all those high schools and look at the players produced by each of those high schools I said I I think if I ask people to combine their love of baseball around here with the pride they have for their school I think we've got something now I did not graduate from high school around here you'll you have to bear with me I am asking for those who want to represent their school I'll give you the school I would have gone to to start us off and and that's my hesitation here because I don't have a list I because I didn't go to high school here but I can give you where I would have gone and that's Anderson high school of my choice for the best baseball player produced by Anderson high school would be rich Dotson H. Johnson pitched for the Chicago White Sox for most of his career and was an eleven year twelve year big leaguer one hundred eleven games in his career he won twenty two games with the nineteen eighty three white socks twenty two and seven that year with a three twenty three earned run average need seasons where he won twelve eleven twenty two fourteen ten eleven twelve one hundred eleven games in his career so that would be my nomination for the best baseball player that Anderson high school's produced so I'm writing down rich Dotson Anderson high school which one for you five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one and pound seven hundred on AT and T. now in a perfect world not only does this work I think it's something we could try it later on in the year for football and for basketball potentially you will be my Guinea pigs tonight to figure out if there is some legs to this would begin well look at this we're going to Indianapolis to get our our nomination Brandon you're on seven hundred WLW Hey this is actually friend from what went well I'm sorry that's not even close to a brain in from Indianapolis welcome to the show okay what an arm on each side to princess Anne I'm with the with the high school he actually it's pretty easy at the Ronald Ronnie to represent Withrow high school I think that is a solid choice and I think that's going to probably stand unchallenged tonight yeah I mean you know we had a ten plus year career with the society read all with the Red Sea offense ninety guy he played right up until nineteen ninety as part of that World Series teams yet though with a tiger who that's good that's a good start thank you and have a great night see that's what I'm looking for and if by all means if you saw him play if you could tell me a story about him are absolutely you you know how much I love stories all right maybe it maybe you want to score them maybe you watched him play maybe didn't watch him play maybe they played three decades ago but there is that guy in your community who is regarded as that's our guy when it when it comes to baseball that's our guy that represents school X. Y. Z. Ron Oster for Withrow I will say the only other one I could think of it in its I I'm I I I I I don't think he's a challenger but but I found another one for consideration he had an eleven year career he did not have the career that Roddy Oster had bought eleven years in the big leagues played almost a thousand games also with throw product Tony Scott Tony Scott was a center fielder for the St Louis cardinals for most of his career Houston Astros if I remember to end his career he would have played early seventies into the early eighties had does some nice seasons had a season where you're almost three hundred but for the St Louis cardinals in nineteen seventy seven but as I said I I think Ron Oester remains as that that guy would people think a Withrow baseball I think most would think of Ron Oster will grab Mike and Dave and Greg and Donnie and Scott and I think early as I thought we look at all those high schools popping up on the board we'll we'll see how many schools we could not have represented tonight as we continue our no carrier sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WLW testing the looting the anger and the acts of kindness and courage all of it may have left you with plenty of questions how should you feel what groups are fanning the flames what news outlets can you believe what should you do what can you do to help the healing we are here for you with the latest information and important local leaders this is a time to talk and to listen and an opportunity to make our community better seven hundred W. 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