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The book if sean wheelock hadn't come to me and says legal on amazon yeah amazon and on the website is this legal the book dotcom doing so well we've shipping books not places like indian the philippines so yeah which is really great and the response to the book has been really strong and of course now it was optioned in january and that continues to move forward and we're getting very close to an announcement so we think that the motion picture motion picture studio film and right now the script which sean and i have reviewed too so good it's better than much better than the book it better than the book and it looks like that everyone that they've showed it to over uta and william morris endeavor thinks that it's a winner so we'll see what happens you know what i find unique about the book this is what i tell people are so many books out there right now about mixed martial artists about mc martial arts general but i feel like if you're really going to get into that you have to read this book and big john mccarthy's first so that you can appreciate whatever it is you're reading later goes you're so right about that and i'm not trying to pat myself on the back but i think the key to that is what you're pointing towards and that is these were the two books that were written by people who were there and the very first show right so they're not going they're not a journalist going back in the past these are people who actually did it in my particular case it was when i had the original idea the brainstorm and then had to walking around for three years as a man possessed telling people about it and they would look at me and go that's not legal you can't do that so you know john had the unique perspective and not just people but oh book time comes from and you know the hbo's in the showtimes espn's i tell the story that twenty five years ago truth be told this weekend are dedi was pitching the ufc two espn that's the true story this weekend you've always heard about the contract yes and in fact my fun funny line about it is hey guys over two years pin you could've gotten a u of c for a hell of a lot less than three dollars a year back in the day baby can you tell us a little bit how the how that went the first time it web at the close of the door or some dialogue well the funny story i've told the number of times and i love telling that everyone would go into it start with the same pitch tell me look we really love boxing i mean lou dibella hbo i'm a boxing man jay larkin said the same thing to me showtime michael arrest said virtually the same thing at espn they'll sancta me you know this really belongs in the video game how about you heard about street fighter mortal kombat do i said yes i said i got this they said well come back when get something else so it was always a pitch and i would always get a nice pat on the back hey you're a nice guy i it's amusing what you told us but this ain't never going to work nobody's ever done this and we even sure for should be done it could be done in legal and what about somebody really gets injured and where you're going to get the fools to do this so you know who you're going to suck in getting ms train and you're gonna be the conductor yes sir well we think you're crazy but when you get something else i remember jay larkin delay jay larkin told me he said when you get something else you bring it to me.

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