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Okay, let's go to our bodies. Let's go Toe John in Los Angeles A line one Happy Friday, Dawn. Dr G. You shall henceforth be known as Sebastian to gun Gorka, Hungarian Kovar. But now I need to Python's I needa regarding the double wriggly. Now I have to get a second one. Okay? You convinced me done. I'll do it just for you. I am so jealous of a blue Colt Classic. My hot blue acid buffer. There's nothing like a cold pipe and sorry it's just the fact. I'm so envious. You know, I've got something winging its way to me. It's think it's Rossi Arms. Have you ever seen the circuit judge? Oh, yes. Absolutely. 4 10 45 Cult. Which one? Did you get The pistol? The combine because they make a combine version of a carbon one rises above stock at close quarters. And you've got six shots right in the nice made in Brazil. I believe, Rossi. Very good. Very good stuff right down. Is that why you called? Well. Oh, no, no, no. The main reason I called was I just get infuriated. Att. The debate when Chris Wallace was tryingto lump, quite supremacists and militia groups together, it just makes my blood boil. You know, a Dr G, like, you know, a proud boys. Ah, Patriot Prayer of the one. You know the old keepers. I would. Okay. I would call him right wing paramilitaries, but their patriotic they wave the flag. They love America. So of course They're everything. These left wing guys don't know how many people have they killed in the last four months, exactly or federal buildings burned or looted or central center and, you know, so the other thing that bothers me is Mr Biden. You know Beijing. Biden hiding in the basement. He's too old and slow, little nursery rhyme. Oh, that's good. Okay, Can we get down to record that say that again with a little little little little jingle jangle in your voice that's shot. Basing by living in the basement. He's too old and slow. I love it. Perfect. Thank you Weaken. Trust on we've got everybody we need. So tell us about the debate on sleepy, creamy Biden. It bothers me because here on the one side of his mouth, or you can tell he's been in Washington so long, you can talk out of both sides of his mouth. Any orifice, Probably first, he says, I am the Democratic Party. Yeah, right. And then he says, Oh, but I can't call them until the till the mayor's to a crackdown on Antifa because I'm a private citizen. Well, you're a private citizen, but you're the head of your party. The titular head of your party? Yes. And you're afraid to do that? No, because they aren't going to call up. They're striking arm. None of those mayors and governors are going to call out their terrorist striking arm because Antifa all these other Marxist radicals, BLM, or, you know, in L a times, there was an article by this left wing professor of ethnic studies five and UC Riverside. He starts talking about Antonio Gramsci. Wow, the political theorist in the whole thing. He's accusing Trump of being an incipient fascist he's talking about, and I'm laughing because Not once in the whole thing Does he mentioned that Mr Graham? She is a communist or mentioned cultural marks. Oh, that He wrote his famous books sitting in prison for being a communist subversive either. I bet, right, And I left because how do you write an article like this and not mentioned communism? Well, I think when a When a Communist calls you a fascist. You know you're hitting the mark because It's a term of art. We normal English speakers to call a fascist fascist by it's what it is. Yes, when a communist calls you a fastest, it means you're an anti Communist is today and good at it. Bingo. I love it. We've got to get two more calls quickly done Your reaction to the news about the president's diagnosis. Oh, well, I feel sorry for that crummy red Chinese virus. It doesn't know how much trouble it. Bingo. That's exactly what I said. God bless you don't have a fabulous weekend and python. I see one on your future as well. Toot in Texas lying three. Welcome to How you doing, Doctor? I've got to speak to you before. I'm thrilled to get visit with against her way. We're happy to hear your your drawl again on the airwaves. Well, my question is who in the chicken suit these moderators. For the debate. It's the Presidential Commission on debates. Okay? Sorry. The commission on presidential debates, We'll kick their butt to the curb. Joe Rogan has volunteered to be the third Beytin and I think the president has agreed today, so I think I'll hang on hang on. Eight of fact, lie fact check Shad did he will in tear? What did somebody suggested? He suggests somebody suggested it right. But he agreed. All right. We are going live fact checking. So, look, I think I actually tell the White House the same. I don't care. Biden's in to keep hiding. I think the president should just go in Rogan's show anyway, Right? What do you think, too? Oh, yes, there, he and I don't think you should miss a beat and the pencil desk under his chin ever knot and give a presidential speech every night. And hey, won't let up. He can't let up. He's he's not built That way. Tio dropped down to 80% or signore. You know him. You got it. There's no way he's going to slow down. He Milan. Melania might have a little bit of an influence, but he'll be He'll be running. He ranted about 101. He'll be running it about maybe 94%. Tops. One more thing, sir. I prefer my Daniel defense in case a. That's a serious piece of hardware. My Gostin. In it. And then my six our Emperor 1911 45 people you are you must get paid a lot. You must be a very rich man. That is high end hardware. I'm impressed, too. Well, I'm just a retired broke down, cowboy. I go pick up coke cans and stuff like that. To afford such things. Daniel Defense, You funded your Daniel defense and you'll sink through coke cans. I got to take lessons from two. I am very impressed. God blessing to stay on the line, too, because I don't know. If after your first call your last call, which was your first goal, whether we rewarded you. We need to reward him..

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