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Estimate. 7 11 fans of classic TV shows were no doubt sad to hear about the passing of leave it to beaver actor Tony Dow. TV guides Matt and Roush joined WTO sandy cosell earlier to talk about the impact his character Wally cleaver and the show had. Generations, I think were weaned on, leave it to beaver over the many decades and syndication, it's still out there and the nostalgia channel me TV is going to celebrate him tomorrow afternoon, starting at noon for a 5 hour marathon of his most memorable episodes. Episode titles include things like Wally's job, Wally's weekend job. Wally's car while he's new suit. I mean, you get the idea of the stakes were pretty low on leave it to beaver, but at the same time, that's what we loved about at the general humor, that idealized depiction of a sitcom family in the middle country, everything was just so benign. And as the older brother went, I mean, he was a really nice and sweet and earnest older brother. He kind of thought beaver was a creep sometimes, but yet those moments when they were together in their bedroom just talking about things where beaver could open up in a way he probably couldn't to his dad ward. There's something really sweet about that depiction and it has endured over the many decades. They revived it there for a while as you saw beaver and Wally as parents themselves. But what people really remember is they leave it to beaver series. And so yes, I think when his death was announced this week twice as it turned out, but when people come to grips with leave it to beaver and the legacy that it had. It's a pretty significant one for such a quiet little show. And that was TV guides Matt Roush joining WTO sandy cosell. Now 80s kids know this show really well. The jetsons. Well, George Jetson has been trending on social media the last few days because some think it is George's birthday today. George Jensen. The icon from the cartoon series that first aired on September 23rd, 1962, stands as an important piece of 20th century futurism. It featured the then 40 year old father of the family, George

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