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The drive on the four or five in Carson are high in the sky is checking it out and we're looking at everything else in two minutes it's four twenty three after five years of investigations and protests in New York City police officers been fired for the chokehold death of an unarmed black man Eric garner died during a twenty fourteen confrontation with officers over the sale of loose cigarettes the head of the city's police union Patrick Lynch upset with the department's decision to fire the officer he says it's up to officers to look out for themselves if police brass won't support them we will be given instructions to our members because the leadership in the New York City police department refuses to give them instructions and how they keep themselves safe I go home at the end of the day and how to do their job in the tourney for the officer who was fired says he will fight to get his job back the lawyers as the officer had also been promised a pension for his thirteen years on the force but the police brass later reneges on that Sir Sharon's a judge in Oakland has ordered deliberations to start over in the trial of two men accused of turning a warehouse into a cluttered maze were thirty six party gore's died during a fire the judge excused three jurors in the trial of Derek Aldon Elmina and Max Harris on the tenth day of deliberations the judge did not explain why he replaced the jurors the move came after a four month trial involving involuntary manslaughter charges a memorial to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing has been completed three stone pillars place today representing the three people who were killed April fifteenth twenty thirteen understated monuments granite bronze cost two million dollars took four years to plan to develop was supposed to be ready for the fifth anniversary the tragedy but there were re designs and delays the mother of one of the bombing victims of says she's grateful her daughter has not been forgotten in NBA superstars helping another sport take routed Howard University the program is being funded by NBA star Steph curry he will sponsor the golf program at the school for the next six years gold has traditionally had more whites than mine forty participants and met his extended the schools as well the last time Howard a historically black university at a golf program was in the nineteen seventies Howard plans to have a men's and women's team in place next year initially three scholarships will be offered Steve Futterman CBS.

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