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Happens when you treat artificial intelligence with love on the new episode visibility? Yeah back now to our conversation with Ruth Marcus columnist for the Washington Post. Her new book is called Supreme Ambition Brett Cavanaugh and the conservative insertive takeover Chris in Cape Canaveral Florida emailed as far as cavanaugh. It seems that for a long time. It's okay to be a sexual Predator if you are a conservative conservative but people like Garrison Keeler and Al Franken are forced out of positions for what might be much less serious in discussions. The idea the About whether or not this was disqualifying for Brett. Cavanaugh was of course. The mainstream of the hearing. Senator Lindsey Graham Republican Senator Lindsey Lindsey. Graham loudly loudly expressed his disappointment. Democrats even leveling this argument during Kavanagh's hearing here's part of what Senator Graham said what you WanNa do is destroy. This guy's has live. Hold this seat open and hope you win in twenty twenty. You've said that not me when you see soda. Marin Keagan telemit Lindsey set all voted for them I would never do to them. What you've done to this guy? That was Republican. Senator Lindsey Graham. Speaking during the confirmation hearings to to be clear Senator Graham referred to the Democrats holding the seat open that is indeed what the Republicans did when they refused to even consider the nomination of Justice Merrick garland waiting eating for the two thousand sixteen election which Donald Trump one which allowed them to get two justices on the Supreme Court. Just to be clear but eh Senator Graham. He said he broke with his party to vote for Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor definitely not conservative firebrands by any stretch but these days I don't know Oh a few see it this way but it seems like the process has become so completely blood sport partisan that those days might be over those days are almost certainly certainly over. And that's actually unfortunate if you look back. At for example at the bork nomination there were Six Republicans Republicans. Who voted against judge? Bork there were Actually I may have number wrong. There are a number of Republicans who voted against judge. Bork and there were a few Democrats who voted good for him. This kind of crossing party lines is almost impossible to understand. It's become increasingly limited as the judicial nominations. Wars wars have continued in actually just mirror the rest of our political wars and so with And I think that the decision to get rid of the filibuster judges has just exacerbated that certainly Mitch McConnell's moved to hold that seat open made. It made made Democrats so angry that they were not going to consider seriously voting for any Republican nominees and so the playing field when it came due to People like just as core such injustice. Cavanaugh was very very constrained. I want to go back and talk a little bit about the metoo movement and the evolution because I do want to quibble little bit With the emailer. I do think that Democrats have sometimes gotten ahead ahead of themselves and jumped the gun in terms of responding to allegations too quickly. You talk about how people should be given the benefit of the doubt when they come forward with these allegations. I agree with that but I also agree with the importance of going through due process. I thought it was unfortunate. That senator Al Franken Felt forced to resign before we could have an actual Senate ethics committee inquiry about what happened. But I also think that in this modern era and this is a good thing that conservative icons cons as well as liberal icons have fallen to these allegations and some people looked at the Christine Blasi Ford hearings and the outcome and really despaired about Out whether these allegations would be taken seriously. I have to say having lived through the Anita Hill Clarence Thomas hearings. Having seen the much worse treatment treatment of Anita Hill there the complete inability of some of the male senators on that then all male panel to understand the meaning and implications ends of sexual harassment. I think that we are limping. Howard's society and are continuing understanding of how to deal with these kinds? Let's have gender issues and gender politics let me zoom out a bit from the Brett Cavenaugh Story to talk about the Supreme Court and more broadly just neal gorsuch was on Fox and friends yesterday talking talking about whether he lets his political leanings affect his opinions. Here's part of what justice course have said. The fact of the matter is any good judge will look back and say I may not agree with this policy or I may not a- voted for that law but the People's representatives chose to make that long and my duty as the judge when I put on that robe is to put aside my personal preferences and to faithfully discharge my duty which is to uphold those laws to apply by the neutrally that was Supreme Court Justice Neal Gorsuch speaking yesterday on Fox and friends. I wonder how you see what he said. In terms of the philosophies that the justices apply lie today I think justice who are further to who are kind of in his political side might say it's not our job to execute the law as the People's representatives additives. Today see them. It's to apply the law as the Constitution was written as the founders. Saw It so I think there are two different strands of conservatism. That justices and other judges have to deal with one is the question of their partisan leanings and are they as has The chief justice said Famously in response to yet another President Trump tweet they are in Trump judges or Obama judges or Clinton Clinton judges or booths judges. They're just judges trying to do their jobs. So one question is partisanship and what role that plays in justices minds and the other question is conservative. Judicial Philosophy where liberal judicial philosophy in terms of methods of constitutional and statutory interpretation and what role that plays injustices minds and those are two different things but the reality is is that the I think justices do their best to try to put their partisan leanings and their personal preferences out of mind but we still come up with conservative results and liberal results. And and that is not a coincidence. And it's going to be really interesting to see this term among the many fascinating in monumental cases that the court has taken or three cases that involve president trump. And whether he's going to need to turn over his financial and tax records to congressional committees or to the Manhattan District Attorney. And how the that. I think justices in their heads try to do impartial justice. But it's funny how it all works out in a certain direction before we go. I wonder where this leaves you in terms of your thoughts in the Supreme Court in general I mean if I was Chest thumping campaigner for term limits in the Supreme Court. Brett cavenaugh would be exhibit a for this idea that we take these nominations so so seriously. If we don't get this person at this time right now it's going to ruin the future for our children and their children. It just feels a little bit like Jesus Christ Christ like he's is it really that big a deal. How do you reflect on all of this now in terms of the process itself It is really that big a deal. The process is seriously asleep. Flawed the stakes are so high. The court is so closely divided And it is not a complete solution but something that could seriously ameliorate the the high stakes of these. Nominations is to make them more regularized. So one president president isn't winning the lottery. President trump likes to say. I think I'm going to get five I certainly hope he will not but He's gotten to some presidents residents get zero President Obama got to throughout the course of his two terms if we had eighteen year. Term Limits. You for justices. ESTES is that would lower the temperature a little bit and lowering. The temperature would be very good thing worth noting by the way the Washington Post did ask the Democratic candidates whether they would support term term limits for Supreme Court Justices Andrew Yang said. Yes a number of candidates they'd be they'd be open to it. Michael Bennett Cory Booker Pete. Buddha Judge Leon Castro Tom Style and Elizabeth Those with Warren Amy Klobuchar and Marianne Williamson said no and the remainder of the candidates were kind of unclear or gave no response ruth. Marcus is the author of Supreme Commission Brett Cavenaugh and the conservative takeover. She is a columnist for the Washington. Post Ruth sometimes. History can kind of fog our memory of things in the emotion SORTA takes takes.

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