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Just for some context, the leading actress category the baptist, who were the nominees, Lady Gaga, her house of Gucci, not nominated at the Oscars. Alana heim for licorice pizza, not nominated at the Oscars. Emilia Jones, coda not nominated, renata runs V from the worst person in the world not nominated. Joanna scanlin for after love, not nominated tessin for passing, not nominated. So the baftas as an indicator in certain categories are way out of whack. Now basically they're only taking like two of the top 5 vote getters and choosing them and then essentially a jury's chooses the remaining four nominees or three nominees. And what a chaotic. I mean, the bath is they need to have some sort of course correction. The idea of addressing their diversity issues and then still not nominating Denzel as you pointed out is fucking insane. There's just a real issue there. Okay, any other, I guess the surprises are Penelope cruise and case do. I like Spencer more than you, and it seems like more than most people, but not the academy. You seem to appreciate what she was doing there. What's with the Jessica Chastain thing? We all just agreed that Jessica Chastain is like a quote film advocate or whatever. And she hustled hard. She campaigned really, really hard. She did a lot of strong advocates, so she's just out there enough and people are like, oh, I like her. When I saw her post I saw her post the video of like the transformation into Tammy Faye a couple of days ago on Instagram and I was like, oh, I see what you're doing. You're showing us the level of commitment you have to your craft. She's online campaigning in a way. Okay. Yes. I think that worked. The Penélope Cruz thing is stunning to me, not in a bad way. I think parallel mother is one of the best movies of 2021. Most people have not yet seen this. Pedro motivar is most recent film. She is often at her best in his films, and she's terrific in this movie. She's in the center of almost every frame of the film. I didn't see coming, though. I would not have guessed. I didn't think I didn't think most people have seen this movie, but they did what they what Sony Pictures classics did last year with the father, which is they waited until the last minute to put this movie out, hoping that people would spend a little time with it in January and it seems like they did, because this is not one but two nominations for parallel mothers, which also got a best original score nomination, which I came out of nowhere for me. I didn't see that coming at all. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the academy does have its own streaming service now. So all of the academy members, you know, I've made a lot of jokes in the years past about how I don't believe that a lot of academy voters watch all the movies. And you know, I'm not totally ready to give that up. But I think this year it is definitely easier for academy voters to see movies than the rest of us. So it's not surprising that some things that aren't widely available made it through because they finally joined the 21st century. Obviously has a big reputation in the academy too and this film has been nominated many, many times over the years, although he was not even put this movie up for the official entry for Spain. Nevertheless, who are you rooting for here? Olivia Colman? Yeah, I mean, I like Libya Coleman. I think she's great. I also think that's a pretty safe bet if you're trying to make anybody. Yeah. We've got a few.

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