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He's got to be in his 70s, you would think at this point? Yeah, he was little Stevie Wonder when he first I know. He was a kid. He was a kid. His first hits. Yeah, but those were. So I'm thinking, well, we could Google it because I want to see me wonder now. Forever young, you know, of course. And did sort of like a medley from songs in the key of life. That was just honoring him. 68. It was almost 69, which would be nice. But honestly, when she said, we're going to heart because you were so kind to get us tickets for that for your show. And we couldn't have been geeking out more at least for the show with your Friends. We were like, we were that place outside where everybody was crowded out. Yes, yeah. So awkward and everyone just standing and we didn't know what to do. That we saw a lot of people coming up to you. We always tell this story, but we invited us to the show, and we see a lot of people coming up to you and we were so and it was like, they all had personal stories and we're trying to approach and it was like, I'm like, what do I say? Hi, I'm Danny from Twitter. It was just like I could not do it. I know we were like standing there. Your wife actually just walked away from her. She was just like, what did we say to him? We don't want to be like, honestly, if you had seen us even for two minutes, you'd never be on this couch right now. Dan, Danny from Twitter. Hi, I'm on. And I was like, oh, I guess she likes my dog. Like, I still had time. I had my boss. I was like, fuck. That would have helped me. This is my old basket. You wouldn't even believe how appropriate you guys were compared to a lot of people that are just like. Glom on you. I think part of it is like even a Jenny and my level there's certain people will sometimes have people come up to us who are just like, way too familiar. And we are face invaders. We are not celebrities. We are not in any way that way. But like, I think we're really going to yeah, thank you for saying that. It's fishing for that. Is this supposed to be so cool for you to be talking to me? I mean, I can't even imagine. I'm a little bit jealous of you that you have me to talk to. If I'm being honest in this moment. I figured I was like, I'll let you sit on the couch with her. Thank you. Because it means more to you than it does. Well this way and bigger than you are about. I'm gonna ask you a question. You don't have to answer it. Is there a question? No to be terrifying. No. But okay. So famously, a lot of people in vans for as long as you've been in bands, including brother acts. I'm thinking of the kinks thing of oasis. I'm thinking you know what I'm saying? Did you know it's clear water revived? It's clear what is my favorite part? For sure, but what was it? How have you managed such that to work all these years with a sister and you're both stars and it's funny because like one of the first questions most people was will ask. It would be like, do you guys fight? What's the age difference between now? Four years. Four years, okay. So I'm the young youngest of three sisters. Oh, so you're the baby. And the baby in. So we're both younger sisters. You're not. No. I'm older. And I have two younger sisters. We're all two years apart. So you high 5 me. Yeah. Wow, you're. By the way, I really like that ring too. That's kind of fun. Okay. Made by the makers that did Keith Richards sculling. Oh. Courts in hacking, baby. My God, it's so good. Have you ever had anyone ring? That is really good. You guys are gonna get a shot of that. Do not mess with somebody's wearing a ring like this. Yeah. You don't miss like brass knuckle style. Yeah, yeah. So how did you know? How do you how do we manage to get along? Yes. Well, pretty swimmingly, I got to say, I mean, we've always been close and Friends, and we had an unusual tight relationship, I think, since we were military brats for one, and moving around all the time. With each other's getting it on each other in the small family unit. You know, we called one of our albums, brigade, and you know, all that kind of stuff. Yeah. And that was our ethic, what moving into and through the career of it together because and also sense of humor because that makes a big difference. She is Anne is one of the most hysterical people you'll meet. And sometimes she doesn't even know it, you know? She just has this take on the world that's completely her own. Wow. Well, some of the funniest people usually are just it's just how they are. Something they just did. The way that she was out of the box. 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Bet online were the games starts. In your other sisters, she's the oldest, she's lyn. And how much older is she? She's 8 years older than me. All four years apart. And total military family, they planned that out. They did. They planned. Two months apart. Military precision. Like that was in the military. My dad was an air force captain. Yeah, my dad, and his father retired as a Brigadier general in the marines and my dad retired when, as a major in the Marine Corps. That's very cool. And then because of Vietnam, he wouldn't recruit anymore because he thought it was a dirty war, which it was. It was amazing. He just retired as a major in the marines. Very proud. Very proud of.

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