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Three lane for gordon johncock johncock climbed out of the car and cooled off in the creek in turn one fully cruised toward history aj foyt approaching his fourth win at indianapolis given to him when gordon john cox engine failed just several labs ago the white flag is way a court a j foyt hair is ron carol paul w and hey this is going to be not away and the indianapolis motor speedway witness warren moon how developing writings thirdly around the mine the wall up novak the waibel dust track said the raising goes floyd toward turn free and the crowd on a daytoday dave loyd waving at on number nri off of argued here jill crowder gerald is going here not only is it a little world older on his break man now the call the chequered flag our chief announcer who dick color great races a palm bay aj foyt down the main straightaway that checkered flag and in the air at indianapolis has won his five hundred mile race aj foyt had waited ten years to become the first fourtime winner of the indianapolis 500 and he sees the moment and made it even more special inviting speedway owner tony hamadeh right on the back of the pace car for the victory lap the winner of the race aj foyt is now seated in the back of the oldsmobile pace car seat alongside him as a speedway owner tony hohmann who started all of this here today with his command to start the engines and the crowd is on their feet they are applauding and cheering for aj foyt well give me kind of a place to live.

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