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Others to say, look let's away. Nia is lying. Everybody knows that they're lying, but they getting away with it. Right? So if we want to murder of a minority in our country, we could do that and we could follow the Lithuanian model absolutely and we can get away with it. It facilitates the next genocide and that's why it needs to be stopped. Now, you know is Lithuania the only one in the world that's doing it. No, they're not dead. But you know what? It's the most obvious. Yeah. It's the I mean everybody knows every Lithuania knows that the government is lying about this the Lithuanian government itself. They know that members are lying about it. The courts know that the government is lying about and the courts are home. Lithuania is facilitating the next genocide because the next perpetrator is going to say look, let's near got away with it. And so can we I mean Hitler said nobody remembers what was done to the Armenians right off. So Hitler used the the Amnesia about the slaughter of the Armenians in order to undertake a thought of the Jews and It it it's just an obvious example. So if we want to protect the next victim group, we have no we have no possibility of not focusing on lithuanians Holocaust revisionism. Because if we don't we will be facilitating. The the next genocide and we will be partially responsible because we didn't stand up and object. I completely agree. And I mean, think that's what my I mean if we step back and just take the high-level view of what we've been discussing two things come to my mind and that is again, I'm just to reiterate somebody who had basic knowledge of the Holocaust the story that you're describing the story that you're telling the history that you're sharing. It's Crystal for people to understand because it's important to understand how Society can be twisted and activated against another segment of society and not and I think it's important for people to understand that happened. But I also think it's important for people to understand that a government today is actively trying to hide and mask that history and distort that history and in a civil society that should not be permitted and like you say we can't be silent because we're we would be complicit if we're if silent and so those two things that that neighbor neighbor and that and that truth something that is so basic and obvious..

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