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I'm Gary McNamara along with Eric Harley. Eight six six ninety redeye meteorologist Tom HALE joins us right now to get get us caught up on hurricane Michael. Good morning. Tom. Good morning. How are you guys doing doing? Well, what do we know about Michael in the current conditions? And what we expect over the next twelve to twenty four hours. Well, I I wish I could say that this is going to be a pretty picture, but it's not I am encouraged by a number of the reports that have indicated a lot of people have evacuated Panama City also down all the way through Saint Saint Joe and app Appalachia cola, and that southern point then, of course, from their up to Tallahassee now folks in Tallahassee I some of them have been boarding up and all that, but what we can expect this really simple right now it is a category. Three hurricane. That means sustained winds at one hundred and twenty five miles an hour hand for those of you who are kinda geeky you can write this down. The minimum pressure is nine forty seven nine forty seven militaires. And it's moving to the north at at twelve miles an hour right now, it is two hundred and twenty miles to the south south west of Panama City now, it's an northerly direction. So for it to actually hit the target which right now is estimated between Panama City and the tip of Appalachia cola. It's gonna have to make a little bit of a right turn. And so in simple terms, what people are going to expect is is some significant whether that they have not seen in their lifetime. Well, it's not totally fair to say that. Well, no, I guess it really is because I expected in the next advisory to go up five or six miles an hour. It goes up six miles an hour. It will qualifies a category four hurricane and a category. Four hurricane hitting this post. According to the national weather service. Out of Tallahassee would be the strongest hurricane on record to hit the Florida, panhandle coastline. Yeah. So yeah. And and that's ever. That's the strongest on record. Yeah. We talked earlier that you know, Camille down the coast a little bit in the category. Five hitting in sixty nine that just devastated that that that part? So you have an idea of what wins, and that's the point. When you talk about you know, you get to a category of up for hurricane. You're talking about winds over one hundred thirty one miles an hour. That's a little different than maybe you're a hurricane one. Or you may have eighty mile an hour winds and five mile an hour winds. It's a completely different ballgame. Right. Exactly. And when we get to the category three it changes, we call it a major hurricane a category. One and two are not major hurricanes, but they're still I mean, we saw a category to Florence. It was a category three briefly, but we saw Florence come in. And you know, we did coverage here on Red Eye Radio for four days with Lawrence, and that puppy just hung along the coastline. This is not going to be the case here by tomorrow. As this moves its way out of here. It's winds will be affecting the Florida and south and North Carolina shoreline. And in fact, the last time there was a storm of that kind of situation that came through with Kate and nineteen eighty five and in Cates case Kate at the same time. It's wins wrapping around the giant Winfield were causing storms and tornadoes along the Carolinas and the Carolinas have got a pretty good chance of of multiple tornadoes associated with this. And and you know, anyone in this entire area of the big bend. And the panhandle are are going to basically relate to cake, which happened to be in nineteen eighty five. But this is gonna blow cattle the water Tom in terms of the the danger coming ashore because I think a lot of people may be looking at. You know, the eye coming ashore. But I mean that where the danger in the potentially life threatening situation start. What is that timeline where is that window, and what should we expect during that time line? Okay. When it comes to the timeline on what you should expect by tomorrow morning. It's still should be offshore. And it will be probably still a category three but darn close to category. Four I wouldn't be shocked if in the next advisory in in in one hour from now may be upgraded, but by Wednesday evening, it should be onshore. And so that would be in line with Tallahassee would be coming across Tallahassee by Thursday evening. It should be entering the Carolina and cutting right across the middle of the Carolinas. And so the eastern side of.

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