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Breaking News Center. I'm Kevin Wells. Why would Tosa police Officer Joseph MENSA, his resigning from the Police Department effective November 30th. According to the city and the Wauwatosa Common Council. The separation was approved on Tuesday. The city is now asking the police and Fire Commission to meet a soon as possible. In order to dismiss the charges is he will no longer be an employee of the city of Wauwatosa. The city is also adding There is not an emergency declaration or a curfew planned at this time, and that the Wisconsin National Guard will not be requested. As covert 19 deaths continue to surge in Wisconsin state lawmakers don't appear to be any closer to coming up with another legislative package to help Wisconsinites. It's been seven months since a bipartisan cove in 19 bill was passed in Madison, and on Tuesday, Governor Evers released 19 measures That he's hoping the Legislature would consider. We think that some of his ideas are certainly workable. Some are not Republican Assembly speaker Robin Vause the point of negotiations that we put out our best ideas. He puts out things that he supports, and we see where common ground could be found may be a tough part. Incoming Republican Senate President Chris Camp ago tells the Journal Sentinel. He's seen no legislation. He's excited about Eric Bill Stead. WTMJ News. The Kenosha Unified School District is officially moving to all virtual learning beginning on November 30th and running through January. 8. The Kenosha Teachers Union is also filing a class action grievance against the district, alleging that they have not done enough to keep people safe from the cove in 19 pandemic. The union also says the district has not issued or enforced adequate protocols while reporting 300 violations and concerns. This grievance has been signed by over 200 educators..

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