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Do you ever drive into the Gracie academy asking them is there? A new Gracie in action yet is there anyone calling blockbuster on. I heard tack Tara fought Gary Goodridge in Japan. Does anybody have this? They would hang up on me. They would just hear my voice, and they go. No, it's not here yet. Really, do you guys have no idea what we went through information? People would trade VHS. Because you all were a member of the same forum at the original house Gracie videos, the actual VHS health Gracie videos, when I started jitsu, it was it was a crazy time is nine hundred ninety two UFC started the next year. All of a sudden, the gracie's were like jumping into all these action videos, and I was just a little kid like, wow, I saw that guy on TV. Wow. I saw that guy on TV and they're just like right there on the men in front of me. It was a crazy time period. And they was very small group very small now. Like you said earlier the one forty five hours. You could literally point at anyone. It'd be like, wow. They're really good. They're really good. But back in the day, if you saw purple belt from Brazil, I mean in all seriousness, a purple belt that was like mind blowing like there's no there's there's the gracie's there's a black belts like Pedro Sauer, and the Machado's nobody else in a purple belt shows up you'd be like, oh my gosh. This guy might as well be like Thor. And everybody else's owed and over here. Like, this is incredible. We his crazy time nineteen ninety nine. We had a one Brazilian cat in the studio, of course, very stereotypical. But again, this is kinda how rare it was almost funnel to these stereotypes. And last name, of course, was Silva Christus shadow Christian Silva, right? And he would run the grappling. And he was a guy, and he was only maybe like, maybe a blue belt appropriate level if that, but but credit was was that Jesus Christ because he could show us the arm bar, and it was and it was don't leave your elbows Vegas Vegas. It was it was just so rare. You know, you guys come through. And like, oh, you know, we're fighters of this and that and like karate federal some called K one with K one because he didn't realize of course, they're coming through cut Coker back in the day. But the rate is I don't know how much I can say about exactly where this all happened. But at the time presuming guys we've come out, and then people would find people for them to marry where I came from for real the country. So they'd come in sleep on the mat if you were purple belt Brown belt in that area. Oh, they're gonna find your wife. It was going to happen because they wanted you here. It was like it was like when Dave Schultz and marshals for smuggling the Russians into this prepare for yards. And I mean, it was a crazy time where it was like we need training. And it's in another country. We don't we don't have YouTube. We don't have streaming. Wow. How we can get the info gotta get them here. And I would come in. Oh, ninety two of those no internet or I mean, there was early. Yeah. If you had a fifty two K modem, you're Rockin. Oh, yeah. He's had to hope. Nobody picked up the phone. Oh, hey, we'll took an song. Pick on worse. I did it to the Hammy did him in. Like, a long Email to a girl or something lifted up. America online's. Once a month. You guys are right? This is a different time. It is if you just joined him, a may you you don't know what it was like even fighters. Okay. When when I first moved here. I remember. So we would do the show we still we're still with Frank Trigg. Yes. And after the show at go, what are you doing? I'm waiting to find out where we're going to train. What does that mean? Because I'm waiting for Frank MIR to call okay, Frank MIR calls, Marvin Eastman said we're going to jail today..

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