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You gotta use an app to get there. That's what life's all about Tom Brady yesterday. I've said this about LeBron James the most impressed I've ever been with LeBron James in my life wasn't winning with a great. Kyrie Irving wasn't winning with Chris Bosh and the great delayed when LeBron James lost Kevin love, and Kyrie Irving and took the golden warriors. Golden State Warriors six games in the finals and the best most reliable team. He had was Matthew Della Vedova, and he took the warriors six games with Matthew della. Vedova? Are you kidding me? There's never been a basketball player curbing, Michael Jordan, Kareem magic Kobe Larry MJ that could take. Matthew, Della Vedova and six games into the finals, overcoming stuff blows me away. That's why Hollywood makes movies about rags to riches about people that don't get perfectly. What they want yesterday the game winning drive. I read a story this morning that essentially with nine minutes to go in the game. Josh mcdaniels went to the sideline. The patriot offensive coordinator and said I'm scrapping the game plan. Nothing's working. We're going to do something. And we haven't practiced this in months we're going to huddle every play. We're gonna use two tight ends in a fullback and Mike Devlin and have an empty backfield. And they huddled every play because they hadn't practiced it. And they averaged on that drive twelve yards of play the rest of the game. They average four by the way, I'm not saying last year Super Bowl wasn't impressive for Tom who threw for five hundred yards in everything worked and Danny? Dollah was open an element was open. Chris HOGAN was open. I'm not saying that wasn't impressive. But what was impressive yesterday is the Rams virtually everything away except Julian Edelman and I love Patrick Mahomes. And I love Russell Wilson. I love Andrew luck. And I love Aaron Rodgers their all amazing toes guys aren't winning a Super Bowl with Julian Edelman? Are you kidding me? Didn't never deep threat. They couldn't sold or running backs. They're running game was spotty. Chris HOGAN was blanketed Brady fez faced interior pressure. The Rams had an unbelievable game plan and Brady with a seventy one quarterback passer rating one by the way, let me tell you the quarterbacks who have been able to win Super Bowls when they didn't play. Great Terry Bradshaw. Ninety six passing yards won a Super Bowl. John Elway fifty one point nine passer rating won a Super Bowl. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl with a passer rating of fifty six Big Ben when a Super Bowl with a passer rating of twenty two and Tom Brady yesterday one with a seventy one what are they all have in common? Their hall of fame level players most quarterbacks in this league, Kirk cousins, guys I like Alex Smith, they need a lot of stuff to work for them to win big games. Nothing or for new. Wing except Ableman. We're spoiled. We've had so many good Super Bowls in a row that if it's not a firework show, but then go to overtime if it's not thirty five thirty four who cares yesterday was all about great defensive game plans. Great defensive pass rush. Great secondary. Play a defenses were unbelievable yesterday. Wade Phillips tip of the cap. Bella check Brian Flora's tip the cap, but one player on offense was able to overcome that scrapped the game plan. Beer, a source vol using just Julian Edelman and win the Super Bowl Tom Brady. I'm sorry. Being pressed with a rich families kid who has a nice clean path to success. I like people who get crapped on I like people who overcome Brady yesterday. It didn't feel good in the moment. He's pry bummed out in the moment hill look back twenty five years from now and go the hill to we beat that Rams team. I'm asking it this morning. I want to shift to this. Great to have you on Monday, really is great to have you in. I wanna talk a bit about Julian Edelman because there's five or six patriots that create the core of their team gronk and Brady an element. Devin mccourty, Dante Hightower shack Mason, and not all of them are high paid most are paid below market value. They are the core of the team and I'm all for free agents, and I'm all for trades. But realize when you get somebody.

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