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Slate clean mentally and try to move away from gene he didn't and what you thought and try to just look at these two candidates individually and start their please uh uh uh uh uh all i want to shift gears a little bit first of all it is women on wednesday on the show so how me flowers on her good said search show but yes i believe i'm in the business of bring happiness to people she'll come on in the business of bringing who doesn't love that and can also just say she is the first person in almost bring me oh well by every need that comes in from now on will always be ineligible lewis and there are two leaders who have brought gifts of their various kinds out so far wine and flowers are my tv etc i i just love flowers because they continue beyond funding to your live neighbors john was unexpected so i really appreciate that also uh uh a little love to proceed tomboy because we met adversity tomboy event two weeks ago yeah we will be weeks ago uh so hashtag presi tomboy bob way this woman on wednesday honey is gonna be with us and we're going to talk about her company joy the all coming up in a couple of minutes uh uh uh uh later this hour are mommy business expert uh jefferson is going to miss on with some uh some tips for the season because it's coming up on flu season and then you know that's always worse for babies and so we're going to talk a little bit about that and also travelling dragged kids which that is a bad as a business in and of itself a car or a plane it as well so we're gonna talk a little bit.

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