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New sites, news sites, people trying to access the sites got various Ara messages such as unknown domain. We have a stall on the four or five in the Sepulveda Pass. This one is along the North found side past Skirball Center. Middle lanes have been blocked delays backing up all the way. From the 90 getting out of the Culver City area. Let's head out to industry with Michael Brian K. F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Angel I just watched the CHP run a break here. 605 North Man a little before the 10 right about ballet, full of like they stopped always briefly up believe is just some debris they picked up. Trains are reopened, but that stretches extra tight from the 60. And, of course, before you get that far north, sixth five pretty normal. Slowing from the 105 on it off the breaks into Woodier south about 65 had a problem at Peck wrote, that seems to be added gasoline from the 60 down through the five as well. And now I'm getting over a problem at Montebello. Rude. Hello here. It's the 60 East. Just past Saint Gabriel Boulevard. Little bit for Saint Gabriel. It looks like the number too late blocked. Very tough on that stretch out of East L. A injured in an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Michael Brian KF Eye in the sky, Laguna Hills on the five South found at Alicia Parkway. A stalled car has been clear that delays are backing up all the way from bake Parkway. KF Eye in the sky. Help sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. You got lousy vision. Everything is blurry and unfocused. It's been that way forever, and you hate your glasses and context. Call Dr Charles Maggert. Saddleback I center right now. I'm gonna give you the number and you will get his laser light lacing exam for free. 1st 14 callers get free laser light lacing example. Measures your eyes over 1000 times perfectly maps your vision. 1st 14 callers. The phone number is just seconds away. So be ready to go. He.

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