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Now, the latest, traffic and weather together. There is a wreck reported twelfth street at vine and a broken down blocking the right shoulder. Westbound Ronald Reagan highway near ridge road. Now the latest forecast from the Exegen temporal thermometer weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl snow in one or two inches on the ground by about nine AM. Low temperature twenty-seven Saturday and our Saturday night snow and four to six inches by late Saturday night. A high of thirty two on Sunday, another inch possible high of thirty five degrees from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning chief meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News radio. Seven hundred wwl w the radar shows. A winter storm is in northern Kentucky and eastern, Indiana counties. Also moving into Claremont or rather Hamilton and Butler counties to the west it is thirty five degrees right now a quick traffic update. The right lane is blocked on northbound seventy five between the union center. And since Dayton road due to a wreck in that area. Today is the beginning of a three day tribute to Cole rain police officer to a cold rain police officer, officer, Dale woods was fatally struck while on duty a visitation is planned at chlorine. Highschool from noon to four even though snow is expected the Coleraine police chief Mark.

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