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Please her. I never got I mean that wasn't the part that bothered me either like you know. I also really liked the ending number I will say. Of Abortion plots in media, one in Greece is good. It's not great, but it's good and for how many bad ones there are. It's like just above dirty dancing. But you know could have been better and obviously stockard. channing like when she sings that the. Worst things I do. Oh, I that song by far, that's my favorite song and and so when she got cast as Mrs Bartlett. It's ruling tourism I love this. Yes, but she was like thirty two when she was so much older than eighteen when she gets absolutely, but she was great. Great over my free. Okay, so I have three to walk. The line you mentioned is just absolutely wonderful the great johnny cash The is the story of you know his kind of redemption and with June Carter cash the the. Performances are amazing. I just love all the the actors in it and the music, and so that's that's one of my favorites for fun. the blues brothers. Act has just just such great music and in in In, and I love the idea of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi Had so much love for this music that the other the actual Blues Michelle, since he's classic. People respected them in knew what they were trying to do. They were trying to get out there, so it's. It's a fun movie then my last one is a movie that the first time I watched I hated. And that's all that jazz. I just I. I. Don't Know What this movie is about it is. I did not know anything about Bob Fosse. you know And it is a movie that Bob Fossey Grote is directed in. It is a very thinly failed. A fictional account is him. he is doing a film. He is it? The character in the movie is trying to choreograph a Broadway musical and at the same time. He is directing a movie about a comedian. It's Bob. Fosse had done Lenny A. You know a movie. This was about all its and at the very end. There is this bye bye love. Musical. And and spoilers he dies at the end of the film and there is this beautiful woman playing death and So you know by by love. I think I'm going. In it. So I've watched it two or three times and each time I've understood more about it in. It is I won't say it's. Me This is something. I watched like Oh like buddy. Holly story makes me smile. Love and mercy makes smile singing. The rain makes me smile, but this one makes me think. And so it's very interesting of musical and the more you hear about Bob, Fosse and Glendarin. You know they have the great fx series epic, Love Story and he was an incredibly flawed man, but also incredibly talented. Dancer in who has good? I had literally never heard of this movie. Yeah! That wow, I'm gonNA. have to check that out, yes! I love Bob. Fosse I liked Habra thought about including cabaret. That's not very fun as no. And it does what I don't love in a movie musical, which is, it takes the songs out of the movie, and they're like these are performances in. It's like talk sought. Yeah I WANNA see the character singing as if it's their life. Yes, Oh, I like that a lot Yeah the same thing with Chicago right the you know they you know the the movie based on the play. They kind of did that Roy Schneider. Now. Gary, well Roy Schneider plays the Bob Fosse Character Jessica Lang places young girlfriend. An ranking plays the older girlfriend it is. It's a great pass. Yeah, it is, it really is It you I think you'll like it I. It's it. It's it's certainly. It's it's an interesting you know in like I. said I had to watch it over and over again to get that so. I'm not to watch it. Yeah all right so. Here's my curveball. If you don't know anything at all, that's okay, but Have you heard anything of the controversy about Ruby leaving bet, woman? Oh I have not I did start watching though I was gonNA mention this before we started talking I started watching doom patrol on the DC streaming service. Oh, my it is! No I haven't heard about the Rivera's thing what she do so ruby rose is the lead for bat woman on the CW Bat Woman is the character in the comics is Kathy Kane Kate Kane and in the comic. She is She is less character. She's always been a lesbian character. And so when they started the comic a when they started the TV show, they cast someone who is a lesbian character actress to play the part of. Rachel maddow's does small cameos as a DJ during the show. She's like okay Gotham. City, what are we going to do about this woman you know? So! Yes so anyway, they came to a mutual agreement at the end of the first season The in what what she what they say as she? she said I. Don't know if I want to do another season. And She real in the thought was. It's just really hard to do the lead on a superhero show, and I think And I. We get the feeling that the producers said okay. You Know Ruby if you WANNA go. Yes, because I guess she was not a lot of fun, because it was so hard, you know. So anyway, so now they they've made it very clear that they are going to cast another lesson, character actress, but now than there's talk about that. They're going to kill. They are not. They're going to recast totally other words. It won't be Kate Kane. It's going to be a brand new woman, a brand new character playing that woman and we don't know how that's GonNa, work so anyway curry comic book. Happens all the time, so I will cut this part out so that because you didn't, but I just was curious if you had what was the word on the street among? Guys at key so hard to work. I look I. Don't know her I've never met her. I don't know anyone who's worked with her. At least they have. They haven't told me.

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