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Parts of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Millions of Americans out of work in many cases because of the pandemic have been depending on 600 extra dollars in unemployment benefits provided by the federal government. They expired today. Families across our state and indeed Across the nation are facing literally an economic meltdown on your watch. And this is no time to take a weekend. Never mind a long weekend off Despicably Jersey Governor Phil Murphy with some tough words for the Senate, Ah federal appeals court has tossed out a death sentence in the Boston Marathon bombing heart, Sir Neve may have committed one of the worst terror attacks on U. S soil since 9 11 caused battlefield carnage, life altering injuries and three deaths. But the first U. S Circuit Court of Appeals said the trial judge did not meet the standard to determine each juror's exposure to pretrial publicity. The appellate court tossed out the death sentence and said there must be a new jury to determine whether Tsarnaev should in fact be put to death. For the bombing on Patriots Day in Boston in 2013. Aaron Carter Ski ABC News Stocks closed higher today. You're listening to ABC News. All right, Let's go check traffic and weather together for you on this Friday, so we'll start in our traffic center for Dina. It's the weekend just dawned on me enjoy riding my cash in the can that dot com And we do have some heavy traffic out there right now. Downtown. The split, not the heaviest. He's found Cap City. This is going to be about a 10 minute journey as you go from 50 80. All the slowing is in Midtown. By the time we get to the river, you are through with it. Sweat to Roseville, just nine minutes downtown L grove is Minutes as his 99 if you're high five or 99 to 12 entered Dr Santana Folsom. 18 minutes starting there, and I five, and if you're going out the woodland 16 minutes on North Ally, five heavy traffic getting out of woodland South and I find out about County Road 22 again Airport Boulevard and downtown to Davis, 10 minutes westbound 80 the Big hall. The long Hall is going to be eastbound, starting at 1 13 and almost all the way to split is going to be slow and go or stop and go. Auto do it yourselfers Have your vehicle's A C isn't working..

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