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Saddle over principles why why should anybody care about this though well because his agency is unique in in the array of many agencies in washington it was formed after the financial crash and it was formed in a way that we haven't seen in agency come into into form in thirty or forty years just like an old style agency from before ronald reagan reagan undercut a lot of the bureaucracy in america is a government's the problem he put people in charge of agencies wanted to shut the agency's down that's not the way at work pretty much from fdr to ronald reagan the folks who headed regulatory agencies were folks you didn't wanna get into a runin with add real power the the were there protecting the rights of citizens of consumers that was the way this agency was designed which is why from its inception in two thousand eight in the wake of the financial crisis in crash the great bubble bust the caused the recession russian this agency has been in the crosshairs of the way of doing business has taken hold in washington in the years since so that means everyone on wall street says how can i take this agency dow because they've got real power it does point toward a constitutional crisis and let me suggest y and that's that we have in fact in american history had two people show up for the same job on the same day before and it did not go well it was ill detail who was in eighteen sixty eight when andrew johnson appointed lorenzo thomas who was a completely unremarkable man to replace ad when standin who was the secretary of war and the rental thomas was so thrilled at the fact he had leapt to this era of prominence that he went on drinking the night before and he showed up at the door the secretary warned he couldn't open it because edwin stanton who was working at the republicans in congress had actually barricaded himself into the department and this precipitates a crisis between the president and the congress.

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