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Is horta 637 still a little trouble up on the north out her belt so we'll get an update on that for your at six forty right now a pleasure to have terry jarrett's on the line terry former state utility regulator in missouri current national energy come leia uh happen actally officially yesterday uh scott pruitt the administrator of the epa now that uh they were beginning the process to repeal the clean power plan so when you look at that so i mean is it like everybody in the coal industry is singing happy days are here again well certainly uh i don't know there's dave the three but they're certainly is a relief that uh dismantling of the executive overreach and the regulatory openreach was the last eight years is really being dismantled in the coal industry at least will now be able to compete on a level playing field with all the other sore our suit of of energy when you look at the impacts of that you know in ohio for instance southeast ohio especially parts of kentucky we know there was a lot of people that went without because you know when the colon away their road their jobs our livelihoods went away but but can you pointed tangible numbers of you know whether it be cleaner air whether it'd be higher energy prices on why colby and back in the mix is good yeah well certainly from an economic and jobs skin coin great this will save about two hundred forty million tonnes with annual coalproduction so that mean coalmining jobs uh we'll stay kohl money coldest will save about two hundred forty million tonnes with annual coalproduction so that means coalmining jobs uh we'll stay kohl money coal mines will stay open uh that's about twenty seven thousand mining job uh that will potentially uh they uh stay up in in uh a net really in the whole supply chain about one hundred thousand job will be affected by this so it is a big deal and but when you look at that you know co two emission and all that kind of stuff people that are concerned about is there anything you can say to them like this is not a big deal were burning it better you addressed those concerns yeah well first of all it with you as you said uh the uh the plants that we have today are are super coin compared to plant from you know twenty thirty forty years ago.

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