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Oppose. It was twelve percent of African-American boaters millennials in a non African American community? Democratic. Primaries it was eighteen percent. And so that you know made us look like we're doing even worse with African American voters, but it was primarily had a lot to do with the age of the electric, not the race of the electorate, but I will admit that it, you know, certainly in the south of the beginning he was crucial. It was, you know, this is important because you were talking before we started rolling about the fact that there are a lot of people aren't run for president who talk about it as if it's, you know, like the voice or something, you just kind of reform and then everybody votes. It's a process. Yes. And it begins an Iowa and you have to and New Hampshire. You know, you've got Nevada, and then South Carolina, where the vote is majority African American vote in the primary and the question is, and even now with the California primary has been moved back. So early voting will be in on the day of the Iowa caucuses. You have to figure out how you're going to navigate this because if you don't. You know, there's not going to be a binary choice in two thousand and twenty th this is like, you know the, they're going to be the multiple. Yes, it's going to be. I mean, it's easier to list the number of Democrats who aren't thinking of running for president than those who are. So only a few are gonna come through that funnel that is New Hampshire, and and if you do survive, it then becomes really important how you can compete with African American voters disproportionate impact on some of these primaries, South Carolina. Super Tuesday. Primaries these southern primaries. And the cost of how much do you think it will cost a candidate to just run the first four races run through the South Carolina primary into Super Tuesday this time. Well, as you point out, California will start voting when I was voting. So you have to be advertising even yet to be at the be a couple of weeks early, even there which was enormously. Let's fifty million if you wanted full flight of six weeks TV in California. What are you talking about? Fifty million dollars, right? Yes, I was probably sixteen fifteen sixteen million New Hampshire because of your. In media market is another is probably similar, you know, Nevada's cheaper, but I mean, it's probably six or seven, South Carolina could be three or four. I mean, so, and then you know, that's just for TV that that doesn't even spiel flying your candidate around on a plane and the fact that you know if a couple of days after South Carolina ho Slough, other states are voting right? You get Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Texas. And so if you have to advertise Mulvaney smells by by the time you get to Super Tuesday. I mean, just on television, you might have to spend a hundred fifty million dollars, which is unbelievable really does speak to right away a differentiator if candidates can do that Moore candidate could presumably because he has developed a base around the country. So I have to ask you the question as to where do you think his head is right now? Well, you know, I speak to him about it. Often, you know it, it, you know, one one question that sort of ways on him and I because he's a serious guys..

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