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Ball. The Dow is up 36 points the S and P 500 index is up. Just appoint the NASDAQ's up. 46 running using 10 minutes on double d t o P sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red at 11 15 We say Good morning to George Wallace. Mark Well, everybody wants to know how Alex Smith's caff is going to hold up right for Saturday night. Well, Ron Rivera Said this morning that they possibly could rotate quarterbacks this week says he's not going to bed necessarily going to do it, but it is a possibility has come up with Taylor. Heineken. Alex Smith, seeing how Alex does respond throughout the week, though, practice tomorrow and get ready for Tampa Bay coming up on Saturday, But you could see a double dose of quarterback at least Taylor, honey keep will get ready and I'm sure I'll take some of the first team reps this week. Has Washington getting set to face Tampa Bay? I'm Saturday night. And how about this for the Cleveland Browns? Okay, They've been 18 years to get back to the playoffs. And now this morning, their head coach and two other coaches, along with two players have tested positive for Cove. It s so they have to go to contingency plans and special teams coordinator Mike prefers going to service interim head coach in Cleveland as head coach. Kevin Stuff keeps the fancy and two other coaches testing positive college hoops last night, Maryland losing on the road in Indiana over six minutes late the game without a point. Unless she's just 39% 63 55 marked urgent Squad falls in Indiana Maryland Women, however, stay unbeaten in conference play 12 throwing terms Beat number 19, Indiana last night in college Park by 4 84 80 Towards Wallace. Toby, Toby Sports. All Right, George, Coming up Next here on W T. O P Baylin representative Jamie Raskin shares attribute written for his late son. I'm Melissa. How 11 17 enjoy. Thanks. He order breakfast at the McDonald's drive through. Tell yourself you'll wait to eat it at work. But its.

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