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Classic nacho cheese flavor this might be the most obscene example access in the united states anyone fans can tweet at doritos using the hashtags jurassic doritos and ask tag entry for a chance to win a jurassic doritos chip that will ship and from that day on you'll be the fan of ups guy don't ship in asia razzaq world prop replica crate you can also bid in an auction on jurassic doritos dot com we've got a picture on june twenty regular dorito than they have the jurassic it looks like one of those things in the back of an amish wagon i mean it's it's bigger than a basketball right oh okay it's not that okay it's not that big big big bigger than a frisbee it's a dorito what are you gonna go to cosco and get the could i get a barrel of glock please this is kind of a nice thing the entire winning bid we'll go to the american red cross to help people affected by the volcano in hawaii or many of jurassic world's shot the film of shots was thing is essentially an edible plate yeah from doritos man fill that up with season ground beef taco bell dorito all the stake have you seen the state nachos five dollars take now the whole thing's edible okay taco salad in the bowl is the to eat it now josh we've already had hierarchy of desserts in hierarchy of jesus do you have a hierarchy of salads i don't i like no no no no it's fine times they write themselves do things i've ever done wedge no come on man all right all right fair enough it's your hierarchy house extra onions and then caesar i guess if i have to i don't care for caesar's see my see my my hierarchy of salad caesar salads are so specific to restaurants pacific because if i if i said rich and charlie's you wouldn't know what i was talking about so that's my hierarchies vietnamese restaurant rich and charlie's half they came together after the war workforce little joke it's best caesar number one christie your cell number one.

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