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Lose so be it. We'll we'll fight next week I don't think it does any good to double the ticket by using the union. Like I said I'm just GonNa go with warm and move on well and and there's there's not not just the talent level question or or positive associated with warm in this spot there's also a pace factor because mortal storm is the only speed and essentially the situation for Alex. CINTRON is the set up shop and just you know basically pick and choose when to attack mortal storm because Really warm is tactical speed and can sit close You know one the last time they tried the you know this this distance. There's a lot to like about this spot for warm. I very much agree and especially for those that there are going to try to tip toe around on budget issues. We stay at Laurel and go right to the ninth. And in this case another opportunity going the flat flat mile but these are twenty five thousand dollar maidens had this four three as the as with with the one at the B I. I went with bold trek. I know his lone dirt race. Wasn't you know VAT good But you know let's just look at it from a buyer perspective whether you like them or you don't like him I I use them as nothing else. As a point of reference this guy was beaten a length of a stretch but he ran forty two so the race was obviously sleep. Superfast seven on the rocks off the screen puts up a big number and now bowl. Trek goes to the TURF. Any really has improved in the run last time where he got out the two turns Really really improved. So I think he's going to have foundation on the cutback there will be a demanding one turn mile Enslave at the bottom line is I don't really trust any of the dirt courses either You know I'm kind of trying to get maybe a little funky look for a fresh new face here and Dan Smith we know how good of a job he does..

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